How To Add Hyperlinks in Outlook? + Links Not Working in Outlook

Including images, emoticons, and hyperlinks into your email messages are critical for engaging your recipients. Including a link to your website can convey the critical information you want recipients to see without taking up too much of their time.

Microsoft Outlook allows you to create hyperlinks in messages and then insert the hyperlink into an email by using a few pre-existing options.

How To Insert Hyperlinks in Outlook Emails?

I personally subscribe to tons of newsletter and review websites, which means I get a bunch of email messages daily which includes their latest article links, which allow me to jump directly to their website.

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The process of creating links from within your emails can seem as easy as pie and there are many ways you can accomplish this. The best way for you to do it is by following the below link that explains about hyperlinks in email.

  • Open Outlook, create an email message
  • Select the area, text, or phrase you like to add a link to.
  • Click the Hyperlink button in the Links group under the Insert tab or Click Ctrl + K (shortcut key). Insert-Hyperlinks-in-Outlook 1
  • Instead of inserting a link via the Link pane, you can also double-click the item to insert it into your content. Hyperlinks-in-Outlook-Emails-300x237 2
  • Click the Insert Link button on the Microsoft Office Excel toolbar and then enter the URL of your hyperlink address in the Address box. Insert-Hyperlink-dialog-box-appears 3
  • Click OK button, this process add the link in the selected text.

How to Edit/Remove a Hyperlink?

Most of the time after the final review of an email message, the hyperlink was found to be in need of modification. Right-click on a hyperlinked area and select ‘Edit Hyperlink’ from the dropdown list. How-to-Edit-Remove-a-Hyperlink 4

To replace an address in the to: field, without downloading a new email message, press CTRL+SHIFT+L or type CTRL+SHIFT+, to dial directly into web pages that do not include frames.

The link can be easily removed by clicking the remove hyperlink again, which is located below the formatting bar.

How to rename a hyperlink in Outlook?

In addition, when you type in an email address in the body of the text, and press the space bar or enter key to create a new line, whatever you type after that automatically becomes a hyperlink instead.

Many users avoid including their real email address in the body of an email message hoping to prevent spam or other unwanted attacks through it, so it would be great if they could have another way of obtaining that information like being directed to a specific URL instead.

A popular free email client for the Windows 7 OS Outlook allows you to easily customize hyperlinks to make them more readable. Here are the steps needed “How to rename hyperlink with details in Outlook “”

  • Click the right mouse button >> Hit edit hyperlink Rename-Hyperlink-In-Outlook-258x300 5
  • Edit Hyperlink dialog box appears >> In the text to display section
  • Remove the email address and enter the text you need to display, for instance, “Find me here”. Find-me-here 6
  • Click Ok, your email address hyperlink is replaced with the new text.

Why are the links in my Microsoft Outlook email not working?

Recently I received an email via one of my accounts, the message details an article that my brother’s friend shared with him.

This was in response to a request I forwarded on to five different people. I clicked on the link and it opened up in my browser after shuffling around with some pop-ups as you can see in this image:

In this section, we’re going to walk you through some of the most common reasons you might find Outlook blocking links, regardless of your version or edition in use.

Once you click on the hyperlink of the email message you received, in case of some issue you get a message on your screen saying “Your organization’s policies are preventing us from completing this action for you. For more info, please contact your help desk”. outlook-hyperlink-restriction 7

Reset Internet Browser Setting

Most of the time, minor modifications in your computer’s internet browser–like Chrome, Safari, Edge, or even IE–help the user but in some cases, it also causes adverse effects.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the worst for this type of issue. For example, several links may get blocked at random and eventually recipients will not be able to open any attachments at all. The solution is to reset Internet Explorer.

  • Close Microsoft Outlook application
  • Start Internet browser (Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Edge/Internet Explorer), click on the setting icon, and click reset and cleanup. reset-setting-outlook 8
  • Click Reset, it does exactly as its name suggests: resets your browser back to normal in literally no time and leaves minimum traces of what you’ve been up to online.

Remove and Reinstall Chrome or Edge

Start by running a program scan/checkup on you and your machine as well as trying to troubleshoot some potential problems with your machine.

  • Download Google Chrome
  • Download Firefox
  • Download Edge

Add Hyperlink to Image in Outlook

Outlook has been the favorite email platform of users by which they access to send and receive emails on daily basis. It provides multiple options to keep your email id more attractive. Inserting hyperlinks in Outlook Signature is easy and it can be done in a few minutes.

Inserting an image into an Outlook email is rather easy and you start by simply opening up your Outlook email while making sure that your cursor is on the same line as where you want the image to show up. Once there, you click on Insert in the Options Menu, which will open up a new window prompting you to select Pictures. Add-Hyperlink-to-Image-in-Outlook 9

Once you have your image set, right-click the mouse to become linked. How-to-hyperlink-images-in-Outlook 10

When you insert a link in WordPress, it asks you where you want to place it. This can optionally take you to that location.

Click on the Existing file or web page from the left portion of the window. You can either enter the existing URL manually or use a convenient browsing feature to locate it. existing-file-and-web-page 11

Click ok to complete the transaction, and the receiver takes one more click to confirm his interest on reaching the webpage.

And this is all I have to say on this topic. I do hope you find the article helpful. One of the above methods has worked for you. Thank you for reading.