How To Insert Table In Outlook?

How To Insert Table In Outlook while using a template is a definite win-win situation. If you’ve ever tried to paste tabular data into an Outlook email, you’ll agree that it’s almost impossible to get it aligned correctly without first creating a table and then pasting the tabular data into that table for the content to align properly.

In this article, you will understand step by step what should be done to “How to insert a table into the body of an email”?

Where is Insert Tab in Outlook?

Most users are unable to locate the insert tab when composing a new mail or forwarding it, and this is actually because the Insert tab is visible only when you’re creating a new mail or forwarding / replying. In order for users to see the tab, they must enable hidden features through their email client settings.

How do I insert a table into Outlook email?

Outlook has two table formats, one based on Office and the other in HTML. It depends on whether or not you want to capture a lot of information about data or just basic information.

Using Outlook as a database for your project could help you keep connected to information in a more efficient way than other applications since it offers users the choice of an online database and Microsoft Excel integration options.

Insert Table (Option A)

You can insert these into your emails using the Table button on the Insert tab. Here is how to do it:

  • Open Outlook >> Click on New mail from your desired email address in case you are using multiple accounts in Outlook.
  • Go to insert Tab >> Find table icon and click.

 table icon

  • There are a bunch of boxes at the top you can use to select your table size. You can easily drag your mouse over the rows and columns until you get your number of rows and columns just right. For example, here we’re using (5×7 Table) inserted into the message body below.

7×5 Table

  • Like every other task, Outlook helps you with, inserting a table into the body section is very easy. All you need to do is locate four direction arrows in the top left of the table and drag the table onto your screen where you want it to be. Click “Design” and adjust fonts, spacing and format of text as per your requirement.

Outlook insert table

Insert Table (Option B)

You can insert a table using the insert table option just below the bunch of boxes.

Insert Table (Option B)

Click insert table, it will open up the insert table dialogue box.

insert table

Outlook allows you to adjust the size of your email table by manually specifying the number of rows and columns you want instead of having the default number of two rows and five columns. When choosing to manually specify table heights, be sure to determine what works best for your settings.

Additionally, there is an option that proposes a complete fit once clicked “OK” which will automatically adjust the email table height in correspondence with the content displayed within it.

Draw Table

In case you’re unable to make your table adapt to the page(column and rows), here’s a simple tip. You can draw tables on the canvas by clicking on the Draw Table icon. To make sure that your table looks like you want it to fit into a specific area, use dividers and sides when you first create the table in PowerPoint.

the simple table allows you to draw tables using your mouse. It’s more addicting than it looks both for users and presenters.

Draw Table

Convert text to table

Not all users are familiar with HTML, in particular creating tables, but they need more complex formatting on the email they are sending to a colleague. Microsoft Outlook allows them to convert the text into a table that is useful for sight-specific issues such as colour blindness.

Now let’s take a look at the sample data that Lync and Excel can create directly in tabular form.

Convert text to table

  • Select the text you need to convert into table >> Click Insert Tab >> Table icon >> Convert text to table from the drop-down list.
  • It will open up a (convert to text) dialogue box.

convert to text

  1. RichTextBox was a special feature available in Microsoft Office 2007 applications created with the objective of supporting rich text formatting to users.
  2. Autofit behaviour: all three options (fixed column width, autofit to contents and autofit to the window), align your table accordingly.
  3. Separate textboxes, tabs and a few other options using the following hints.

After all, you can click on the Layout tab to design your table.

Convert table to text

  • Select the table you want to convert to text.
  • Click on the Layout tab, >> Hit Convert to Text from the Data section.

 Layout tab

  • This is just an example of what you may want to do on your website: find all the ways people are talking about you and join them.

Convert Table To Text

  • Click OK and the converted result reflects on your screen.

Excel Spreadsheet

Excel Spreadsheet is a useful option when it comes to formatting and creating complex documents that may include charts, graphs, and a lot of different types of data all under the same roof.

It’s really like a mini-version of Excel that you can use on your messages to add any formulas or calculations that suit you. You can resize the table by dragging the bottom and right edges of the spreadsheet table.

After creating an excel table you can simply click the red x on the corner of your screen and go to File, then select save as.

tab key

Quick Tables

This quick table tool is designed to save your existing table and make it a template for future usage. You can add this template directly into the email body with a single click.

Personally, I use these templates when writing new emails in Outlook because it helps me organize things quickly without all of the extra hassle like having to format text down as you go, etc.

Quick Tables

Let’s understand how it works:

I like to share my personal experience here: In the Project line, the requirement of data in the prescribed format from different site locations on a regular interval is required, and I do so by saving the Format template (provided after creating a project) and sending it to all sites where I have to distribute this information.

  • Create a layout/Table, Select the table
  • Click on Table Tab >> Quick Tables from the dropdown list >> Click on Save selection to Quick Tables Gallery.
  • Create New Building Block dialogue box, there are few options, fillup all the criteria

Create a layout/Table, Select the table Click on Table Tab >> Quick Tables from the dropdown list >> Click on Save selection to Quick Tables Gallery. Create New Building Block dialog box, there are few options, fillup all the criteria

Once you save the table into Outlook, you can use the table in the future.

While not an exhaustive list, it is a tremendously helpful overview of the most common elements that new users will encounter, If there are any questions do not hesitate to ask.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How to center a table in Outlook Email?

Once you’ve inserted the content of your email into Outlook, editing the table with all its different components shouldn’t be a problem. To properly align the tables to center in the body of your email, you need to set up some Indent towards the center setting as opposed to left alignment. Here is how you do it.

Follow the steps to execute that:

Click the table by clicking the symbol in the upper left-hand corner. Right-click and you can change options such as row height, cell spacing, and column width.

Table properties

  • Outlook 2007 generates HTML based on the Ctrl + F keystroke combination. Here’s a cheat sheet for entering shortcuts in your Outlook 2007 HTML email campaign.

alignment to center and then click OK

How to fit a table in Outlook Email?

Outlook is one of the most widely used email clients. Certain features cannot be accessed with the use of a mobile client and only through the desktop.

To help alleviate this, there are many ways to format your emails to print properly in Outlook and allow recipients with no disabilities to access all you have put into your campaign. Follow the steps below to successfully format your table and send it without any issues.

  • Select the Table by clicking the symbol from the top left corner of the table logo, click the right mouse button.
  • Click on Autofit >> Autofit to Window.

Autofit to Window