How To Assign Tasks in Outlook (2019, 365) – Detailed Guide

You can assign to-dos in Outlook to delegate a task to another person. You can also do this for yourself and even tag other people who might be interested in it.

No matter how big or small the task is, you’re always able to reschedule it if you have new information that requires your attention right away. How To Assign Tasks in Outlook Outlook’s many features let you work more effectively.

How to create and assign a task in Outlook?

There are two segments of the task.

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  • A user who creates the task.
  • The user who receives the assignment/tasks.

Let’s begin and create a task.

  • Open Outlook>> Click Home Tab
  • Go to New Items>> Select Task How-to-create-and-assign-a-task-in-Outlook 1

You can also manage tasks from the navigation menu on Outlook. Task-Outlook 2

  • A Task New Window appears that has numerous options, just like composing a New email. You can assign it to yourself (add to “To” list), you can create a scheduled repeat for it, for an act which required on the regular basis (monthly, weekly, etc.). create-and-assign-a-task 3
  • There are many roles an email address serves. It can be both a task list and calendar depending on how it is used.
  • Name your task by entering the subject.
  • Select the start date.
  • Select the Due date.
  • Mention your status.
  • Setup the priority
  • Check box, in case you need a reminder in task
  • Reminder Time.
  • Percentage status of the task
  • Ownership
  • Finally, hit save and close.

You can also click on recurrence in case you want to be reminded of things that need to be done time and again. (I use recurrence for reminders regarding rent payments).

You can assign tasks to one person or multiple people to work on a task at once. And Outlook will track the progress of all of the assignments on one single screen.

Assigning tasks to multiple people, to begin with, click on Task Tab >> Click on Assign Task Outlook-task 4

There are several inputs required to assign tasks to an individual or group of people. Information must be filled in carefully. How-to-create-and-assign-a-task 5

  • Select the email address from which you like to assign your task, click “from” and the dropdown list appears.
  • Enter the email address of your recipient, the initial letters trigger auto-fill from the contact list.
  • Enter the Subject Line or name your task.
  • Select the start date.Outlook task status
  • Enter the deadline (date).
  • Select the status from the dropdown list. (Not started, In progress, Completed, Waiting for someone else, Deferred).
  • Can fix the level of Priority.
  • Adjust the percentage of work assigned.
  • Keep an updated copy of this task on my task list. How To Assign Tasks in Outlook (by default this option is selected), which is important, Do not change the status.
  • Send me a status report when this task is completed.
  • Mention the task details (content) in the body of the email message.
  • Hit Send.

For example: Once you set the start and finish dates, Outlook creates a message on top of the message body – just below the tabs. How-to-Delegate-Tasks-in-Outlook 6

Outlook also allows you to save the task which is stored in a To Do List that can be utilized at a future time, and then sent to your recipient. (*numerous grammatical errors fixed*).

The date of your stored tasks can directly change without opening the separate window. How-To-Assign-And-Reassign-Tasks-In-Outlook 7