How To Add Birthdays/Anniversary to Calendar in Outlook?

Overwhelmed by the social network of Facebook or remembering the dates of your friends and family’s birthdays or anniversaries getting tougher? Many websites let users set an alert for different occasions like the date of your friend’s son’s birthday.

By using Outlook reminders, you can also remind yourself of an upcoming anniversary or birthday event.

For example, if you notice that your best friend’s birthday is coming up soon, How To Add Birthdays/Anniversary to Calendar in Outlook setting a reminder for a couple of days beforehand so that you can stop by and surprise them on their special day.

How To Add Birthdays to Calendar in Outlook?

Outlook provides me with numerous features that make my life easier. One such feature is the way it automatically creates a Birthday reminder in front of each of the contacts I create that have this detail filled out in their data form.

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Not only does this help me remember to send out cards and gifts, but these reminders also remind me to wish someone a happy birthday on their special day.

  • Open Outlook >> Click on the contact tab from the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on New contact from the top left corner of the screen.
  • Contact form appears >> Click on details from the show section.

After you add Birthday information to your contacts, it will create an Outlook Calendar recurrence to make sure you never forget the important people in your life’s special occasions.

Setting Reminders in Outlook

By default, Reminders in Outlook are set to remind 15 minutes before any event. If you need to have them pop up at another interval, you can change it accordingly via the application’s settings menu.

Calendar >> press CTRL+G to jump to a specific date. How To Add Birthdays/Anniversary to Calendar in Outlook Then under the ‘Today’ heading, select on the date you want to change.

Double click on the event to open your recurring options, then click on series in the options section.

You can update the reminder time for calendar events up to two weeks prior to the event. Additionally, you can select a sound for your events through a drop-down list.

In the Actions group, select Save & Close, this process updates your notification pattern for this specific birthday.

Is Outlook Calendar Calculate Birthday Age?

Whenever you add a birthday to your contact, it will automatically create a recurrence birthday appointment in the MS Outlook calendar.

It’s important to keep in touch with family and friends, especially on a regular basis for birthdays every year so that you never forget to wish them well or relive moments through new experiences.

We’ve written a macro (VBA) in Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 that will automatically add reminder events to the calendar throughout your lifetime without much effort.

  • Open Outlook Calendar >> Press Alt + F11 keys to open the Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Click Insert >> Module
  • Copy and paste below VBA code:

Option Explicit

Public Sub UpdateAges()

Dim xOlApp As Outlook.Application

Dim xOlFolder As Outlook.Folder

Dim xOlItems As Outlook.Items

Dim xAppointmentItem As AppointmentItem

Dim xAge As Integer

Dim xOlProp As Outlook.UserProperty

Set xOlApp = Outlook.Application

Set xOlFolder = Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderCalendar)

Set xOlItems = xOlFolder.Items

For Each xAppointmentItem In xOlItems

If (InStr(1, xAppointmentItem.Subject, “Birthday”) Or InStr(1, xAppointmentItem.Subject, “Anniversary”)) And xAppointmentItem.IsRecurring = True Then

With xAppointmentItem

If xAppointmentItem.UserProperties(“Original Subject”) Is Nothing Then

Set xOlProp = xAppointmentItem.UserProperties.Add(“Original Subject”, olText, True)

xOlProp.Value = .Subject


End If

xAge = DateDiff(“yyyy”, .Start, Date)

.Subject = .UserProperties(“Original Subject”) & ” (” & xAge & ” in ” & Format(Date, “yyyy”) & “)”


End With

End If


Set xAppointmentItem = Nothing

Set xOlItems = Nothing

Set xOlFolder = Nothing

Set xOlApp = Nothing

End Sub

  • Press theF5 key to run the code or click the Run

Your calendar reveals the contact age on that date.

How To Remove Birthday Calendar from Outlook?

Having multiple Outlook accounts means you have the option to access several different calendars, How To Add Birthdays/Anniversary to Calendar in Outlook and in some cases, your birthday gets added as a calendar event by default.

For many users with multiple Outlook accounts, this is useless additional content because they might already have their birth date on their primary calendar.

  • Open the Calendar from which birthday items you want to remove.
  • Type “birthday” in the search bar above the screen.
  • A list of birthdays registered in Outlook appears, select all using Ctrl + A.
  • Press the Delete key to delete all birthday calendar items permanently.