Where Is The File Tab In Outlook

Where Is The File Tab In Outlook requires a gateway to access it – this is usually a button, but some applications with their own keyboards like smart cellphones also have buttons that are dedicated to certain apps.

All office suites consist of ribbons or tabs (Home, Edit, View, Send/Receive, Format, Insert; in some cases, they may be overbearing). Options in Outlook desktop applications are accessed via a File tab.

File Tab is an incredibly vital part of Microsoft Outlook. You’ll find it to be on the top left-hand corner of your screen above all the tabs/windows/partitions.

If you’re using the web-based version of Outlook and don’t see File Tab, you may need to download the Outlook desktop application to continue using your service (see instructions below)

The older version before Outlook 2010 has a series of tools that have been combined into the Ribbon panel introduced ten years later in Outlook.

The earlier version of Microsoft Office had a File menu, an Edit menu and a Window menu 2002 but these have now been shortened and re-organized for integration with the Ribbon bar/Panel.

File Tab opens the “Backstage” page where users allow to change the account options according to their comfort.


  • Info
  • Open and Export
  • Save as
  • Print
  • Office Account
  • Feedback
  • Options
  • Exit

The available options in the left pane are to change the selected product language, view and edit an existing product, or issue a new product. The options further allow suboptions in the righthand pane.

File Tab Missing in Outlook 365

So now that you know where you can find the ribbon, we’re going to show you how to get more of it. Most people only use a small percentage of their email tools.

Whether it’s Outlook or Gmail, the fact is wasted space has a way of accumulating over time. One way to overcome this is by removing items that aren’t as crucial or have been unused for a period of time so there’s more room for what you are actually using at the moment.

Sometimes when you open the Outlook application, you might see that there is no ribbon. One might think it is not a problem until they start receiving strange error messages. However, it’s usually easy to fix – all you need to do is log off and back in again, or restart an Outlook session.

 Outlook application,

To reinstate the ribbon button back to the screen, click on the options tab located at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Click on the Show tab and commands, it will open up a hidden ribbon with commands.

Show tab and commands

You can also select “Show View” so that only the simplified ribbon is shown, which was originally introduced in Outlook 2013. If one opens a new tab, it will display “All Tabs” allowing a user to scroll through all of your options on tabs at the top of the screen.

The former version consists of two columns: a narrow left-side list of categories (or “split view”) with a wider right-hand side showing the namespaces, categories and commands within each category.