Outlook Focused Inbox – (All You Need To Known)

The app includes some new features that may not be available in Outlook, like the ability to easily snooze notifications of emails that are more urgent and need your attention later.

Microsoft Outlook is a platform that allows one to configure and organize their email account in such a way that best suits the user’s specific needs.

One of the newer features that is available in Outlook for customers who use Office 365called Focused Inbox, which was previously known as Clutter. So how does it work?

In this article, you will learn about how to configure your account settings to take advantage of Focused Inbox.

The Outlook on the web productivity inbox is designed to be productive, but there’s no denying how much information we all have to deal with in modern life.

The solution? The new “Focused Inbox”, which groups the emails you actually need to see together, and everything else into one place.

What is Focused Inbox in Outlook?

Focused Inbox is new and improved version of Clutter. This feature is only available with Office 365 subscription, which separates your inbox into two tabs: Focused and Other.

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The most important emails you receive are on the Focused tab while all other messages remain easily accessible in the other tab built custom for you.

Microsoft Outlook’s Focused Inbox is an extremely useful feature that allows you to more easily organize your emails and ensures you don’t miss any important messages.

By placing unimportant communications into a separate inbox so as not to clutter up the one containing important messages, email administrators can keep on top of their responsibilities while still remaining on schedule.

Only users using Outlook for Android or iPhone, as well as Outlook 2016 on a Mac, can access Focused Inbox.

What Does Focused Inbox Do?

The focused Inbox mechanism works like a surgeon. It studies the history of your email use and trims out the unnecessary parts from your body.

It also determines what emails you most read and communicate with other emails received, it will learn over time what messages you read and respond to.

How does Outlook-focused inbox work?

The Outlook feature called Focused Inbox, is a smart sorting algorithm which arranges messages between the Focused Inbox and Other lists. Outlook holds the user’s attention like all social media platforms.

It is also a known fact that Microsoft Office 365 has exciting features in which it takes over your email inbox and combines everything into one list named focused, making all of your important emails easily accessible.

How to Enable or Disable Focused Inbox in Outlook?

It’s just like turning light on and off, Let’s fall in:

  • Open Outlook 365,
  • Select Exchange Account >> Click View
  • Select Show Focused Inbox to turn the feature ON or OFF focused-inbox-outlook-300x181
  • The Focused and Other mailbox tabs appear near the top of your email inbox. If you are using a version of Outlook that supports tabs, then you can switch between them at any time, moving emails from one to the other as necessary.

How can I move emails to my Outlook Focused Inbox?

Focused Inbox aims to learn your preferences by studying your notifications, and trying to determine which messages are more important than others.

It then prioritizes certain categories of messages for you and filters out the less important ones, so that you don’t have to go through them all in one go.

  • Select the Focused or Other tab, and then right-click the message you want to shift.
  • Then Select Move to Other if you want only the specific message to move or select Always Move to Other if you want all future messages from the sender to be delivered to the Other move-to-other 2
  • Select Move to Focused if you want only the selected message moved. Now Select Always Move to Focused if you want all future undeleted messages from the sender to be delivered to the Focused tab. move-to-focused-300x252 3

How Outlook Focused Inbox Methodology Works?

If you are using Microsoft Outlook Exchange your email is segmented into “Focused” and “Other” folders. First, an algorithm categorizes the emails according to a number of factors:

Newly Added contact: When you add an email address to your contact list, Outlook initially includes any email it receives from those new addresses in your Focus inbox.

Change Class Manually: You can decide whether to classify messages from a particular email sender as high importance. The next email you receive from that sender automatically appears in the Focused Inbox if you’ve set it to do so.

If you want to make sure you get an email, A/B test it. Create several different versions of the same message and if the results are positive (for example if you see that people click a certain link), then there is the possibility that this email will appear in the Focused Inbox.


Overall, I recommend taking advantage of this new feature. That said, bear in mind it’s not for everyone. In fact, it may not be appropriate for every email folder. It also helps to keep in mind that while Filters are a great solution in many cases, they aren’t necessarily going to solve every organizational problem.