Outlook How To Forward Emails?

Outlook How To Forward Emails? forwarding an email message is quite simple, but what if you could use the power of technology to make it even more automatic?

You can redirect the email received from a specific email address to an auto-forwarding tool so that you can read email on the go and never miss an email. You don’t have to be tied down to a desktop computer or remain in one location.

This article is intended solely for personal home users. Office 365 users should click here.

How do I forward emails to another email address?

Before we can proceed, you will get a crash course on how to forward Outlook mail to another email.

  • Open email received in your inbox >> Click Forward from the response tab
  • A separate window opens, Enter the email address of your recipient, type the subject and matter you like to add with the trailing mail, and simply click Send. Forward-email 1

While this is the only method to forward an email, there are ways to make sure you don’t waste too much time forwarding all your emails to other people.

How to auto-forward emails in Outlook Application?

In case you need to forward every email received from a specific person in your inbox automatically, auto-forwarding email using the Rule function is an excellent way of ensuring that this happens.

You can customize the appearance of your Outlook.com email and then set up forwarding for added flexibility.

  • Open Outlook.
  • From your Inbox, select the email received from a specific person you need to forward received in the future.
  • Now Outlook will use certain information in the rule wizard to start the setup.
  • Go to the Home tab, from the move section, click rules, select create rules from the dropdown list. Outlook-How-To-Forward-Emails 2
  • Create Rule window appears, which consist of some basic requirement, click Advanced options: Advanced-options 3

That trigger the chain of events that require proper selection.

  • The First Step starts with selecting the condition, for the purpose of forwarding emails received from a specific person (email address), Check the box next to each condition you’d like to use for the email selection.
  • Select the first option checkbox, the name or email address is already selected by default because in the beginning you have selected a specific email and click the rule button.
  • Click Next How-to-auto-forward-emails-in-Outlook-Application 4
  • What do you want to do with the message, the intent is clear, you need to forward all emails received from a selected email address or person, You can pick Forward it to People or Public Group or Forward it to People or Public Group as an Attachment?
  • Click Next auto-forward-emails-in-Outlook-Application 5
  • People and Public groups need input information, click People and Public group from the description section in the step 2 portion.People-and-public-group-Outlook 6
  • That will open up an address book, select the email address you want to forward the messages to and double click the email address. The name or email is added in the “To” section. Rule-address-Outlook-768x408 7
  • Click OK, you can observe in the description section people or public groups are replaced with the email addresses.Rule-Discription-outlook 8
  • Next Rule Wizard window appears, “Are there any exemptions“, select in case you need to exempt, check the boxes, click Next. are-there-any-exemptions-outlook 9
  • All set, the final step is to give your rule a name, make sure the rule checkbox is checked. Click “Finish” to save and enable your rule. Finish-rule-setup 10

From now onward, whenever you receive an email from a specific sender address, it will be forwarded to another email address.

How to forward all emails in Outlook Web App?

Forwarding email received from a specific email address to another address using the rule function is a one-time setup and if done correctly, it will allow you to effectively send mass bulk emails without having to individually type lines of text.

If you use Microsoft Outlook on the web and would like to create a rule that forwards certain messages, here are the steps you will need to follow:

  • Open Outlook.com
  • Click the Settings gear icon from the right top corner of the screen.
  • Select View all Outlook settings.
  • Select “Mail” on the far left and then “Rules” to the right. How-to-forward-all-emails-in-Outlook-Web-App 11
  • Click “Add New Rule.” Add-new-rule-outlook 12

You can create rules for Outlook e-mail that tell the program what to do with incoming mail. The rules are complex conditions made up of nested elements, each having an action associated with it. Rules are like a series of instructions which Outlook follows from top to bottom when performing actions on incoming transmissions.

An example of one of my active rules is below. You can edit and remove it by simply clicking on the related icon.

  • Set up a rule using a three-step process There are only three steps to setting up a rule in Outlook for the web. Three-step-rule-outlook-768x554 13
  • Name your Rule.
  • In the second step, click the drop-down box to select a condition. You can observe multiple options to start with, select “From“. add-a-condition-outlook-web-768x744 14
  • Once you select it, you need to include additional details required in the box to the right. Select the email address you need to forward all emails from, or you can type manually. (You can also add multiple emails at the same time) forward-all-emails-in-Outlook-Web-App 15

You can also add another condition which may apply based on your circumstance.

  • Finally the third step “Add an action” dropdown list appears, you need to select the route options.
  • Select Forward to
  • ​Select Forward as attachment
  • and Redirect to How-to-forward-all-emails-in-Outlook-Web-768x817 16'
  • You need to include additional details required in the box to the right. Select the email address you need to forward all emails to, or you can type manually. Outlook How To Forward Emails (You can also add multiple emails at the same time)
  • Similarly, you can specify multiple emails if you need to forward emails received from a specific person to multiple email addresses.
  • Finally, you can add the exemption section by clicking on the hyperlink.
  • Click Save to enable the rule in Outlook web.

This process cut down the time and work of having to forward emails received from the concerned parties to other people. you will directly receive all emails without having to wait in any kind of queue.