Outlook Keeps Asking For Password Even Though It Is Correct! How To Get Rid Of It?

If your Microsoft Outlook keeps asking for a password even though you’re positive it’s correct, you can turn on the password save feature by going to (this page).

It is quite a common bug to be found in Windows computers and it happens due to some technical issues. You can stop their appearing on your screen by notifying many resolutions that offer you to stay safe and secured while working on the Outlook app.

Outlook Keeps Asking For Password Even Though It Is Correct

The main cause of such an issue is due to two reasons:

  • Outlook settings.
  • Windows upgraded.

Here are a few steps you will want to follow in order to get the leeches off of your plants and flowers permanently:

Steps if Outlook not remembering the password

Reboot/Restart your System

Restarting your system is a great way to resolve any issues that you currently have with it. It is also able to fix most problems related to desktop or laptop computers.

It is the easiest and non-technical method for everyone. It works well with everyone, no matter their computer operating system or technical skillset. Plus it makes the process of solving this problem easy for you so you can enjoy your day and not waste time on things you don’t have to.

Earlier I had to deal with passwords coming up often and every time it happened to me, I opted for this option:

Check Whether the Password Is Enabled or Not?

Outlook Passwords is a feature that allows you to input your password within Outlook and then have the ability to access it. This is fantastic for those people who are constantly switching accounts but don’t like remembering their passwords. However, there is no harm in selecting to save your password if you are on your personal workstation.

To check/verify follow these steps:

  • Step1 – Click on to File Tab
  • Step2 – Click Account Setting – A separate outlook [account setting] popup appears
  • Step3 – Double click on the related email ID (in case you are getting that problem with a specific email ID). – Again, you will get [change account] popup.
  • The final step is to check the [Remember password] option.

enable password outlook

Check the Latest update of Microsoft outlook

Keeping all your electronic gadgets software up to date is essential for smooth running and 100% efficient results to the user. As an outlook user on a PC, you also need to take daily steps that help ensure its reliability when used alongside other applications.

You may want to enable the auto-update feature on your client in order to ensure that it always automatically updates and downloads as you mentioned.

That is a great feature to get rid of, Outlook asks for passwords repeatedly, even though they are correct.

Step by Step guide for you

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and Click to File Tab.
  • Step 1 – Click the Office Account button on the left-hand side of the window
  • Step 2 – Click on Office Updates (A small popup appears).
  • Final Step Click to update Now option to update your outlook.

Final Step Click to update Now option to update your outlook.

Outlook checking for update

It will take a few minutes and you’ll have to update your Microsoft outlook.

Update credential (User name & Password)

Most of the time when you change your password directly from the email website, i.e. Gmail, it is mandatory to update the same into Microsoft Outlook too.

outlook change settings

So, to be successful you want to pay attention to the following few tips:

  1. Click to File tab from the outlook main page.
  2. Choose Account Settings in the Account settings section.
  3. Click to change the option in the box mentioned above.
  4. Now check your credentials or check according to the information updated directly from webmail.
  5. Click Next and that will complete/update your credential.

Clear Cached Password from Control Panel

Computer operating systems store user credentials (like passwords). In some cases, a popup will appear if one changes their password from mail exchange and so the newly updated password isn’t matching the old one.

The password you have provided to us is invalid. You will need to visit ‘https://meetings.microsoft.com/account’ and then click ‘remove’ on the right side of the screen in order to regain access.

Here’s how to do it [Step by Step Guide]

  • Step 1 – Minimize your outlook or Exit, this step doesn’t require anything with outlook.
  • Step 2 – Under this step, you have to reach the Credential Manager Option. There are two options to get there.

# Click on Start button >> Control Panel >> Credential Manager

# Click on Start button >> Control Panel >> User account

crediantial manager outlook

  • Step 3 – Both the options lead you to the credential manager. If you click on ‘credential manager’, you will be able to move forward with collecting your achievements. If you click on ‘user account’, you then need to click on ‘manage your credentials in order to fully submit them.

manage your credential for outlook

  • Step 4 – Select Windows Credentials & you will encounter with few credentials; you have to select the credential of MS Outlook or something similar.
  • Step 5 – Click to expand the set of credentials and you have to remove it from the vault.
  • Step 6 – Finally restart your system for the final rest and play process.

crediantial manager outlook Inside

Create A New Outlook Profile Due To Corrupt Profile

In many instances, Outlook can have a problem remembering your password. It asks for it time and time again even though you have already entered the correct one. This error usually occurs when your profile has become corrupted or damaged somehow.

When you set up a new profile the following steps will be necessary:

Step 1 – Open your system control panel click on the mail icon available.

Control Panel Mail Option e1572714965266

Step 2 – Click to Show Profiles option available in a popup box.

popup box

Step 3 – New Popup appears which allow you to create a new profile, you just have to name your New Profile, Use it from the First name.

Create New Profile outlook

Step 4 – Click Ok, another separate popup asks you to fill up your credential like (email id, password, name, etc.), click Next, and then Finish button.

Loss network connection

Another thing to try when Outlook doesn’t send password prompts is to test the speed of your Internet connection. Some international users have reported improved results logged in through VPN connections or on a wired connection rather than wireless.

Start Outlook in Safe Mode and disable add-ins

Final Step – Now, select the new profile, click Always use this profile and select the new profile from the drop-down list. Click Apply and OK.

Add account outlook

Final Words

Here are 8 easy solutions to fix the issue Outlook keeps asking for your password. I hope these allow you to take control of the situation when it comes to passwords in Microsoft Outlook.

Recently, a colleague asked me why I need to enter a password into Microsoft Outlook every 15 minutes even though this outcome solves his problem. By how you make use of it, your Outlook becomes energy efficient and simple at the same time. You won’t have to worry about remembering passwords again because your amazing Outlook password manager will do that for you! So why are you struggling without a tool like this?

We’d love to hear your feedback. Please share in the comment section what you think needs improvement and if there’s anything else you think we can do to make this guide better.