Why Does Outlook Mail Say Preview?

Why Does Outlook Mail Say Preview? terms used by web developers for specific sites or applications are sometimes too hard for nonusers to understand. The term “preview” is a good example of that. Tracking back, in simple terms, previewing simply means taking a sneak peek at the content before it’s shown.

Whenever you’re writing press releases or articles, using terminology like this can be a great way to break down professional jargon.

The Outlook Message preview is more than just a sneak peeks into an incoming piece of mail. It’s a valuable resource that can help you save time when replying to email messages since it shows you the last couple lines of the message being replied to.

In the article above, it is explained that to use the email preview feature in Microsoft Outlook 2016, users must first turn on the Reading Pane in their account settings. Please follow the steps below.

Refer: There are 6 additional links in the yellow portion which can be expanded or removed by enabling or disenabling the using message preview feature.

How To Turn On/Off Message Preview In Outlook

How To Enable/Disable Message Preview In Outlook?

Some users enjoy email’s readability to the point that they find grayed-out icons distracting and prefer simpler designs. The following revision is just one possible improvement.

  • Open Outlook.
  • Open up a specific folder (in which you like to change the message preview).
  • Click View Tab above >> Click Message Preview

change message

You can show or hide specific columns by clicking the associated column title. Click on the Recipient Email 1 address for example and it not only highlights in yellow but a small blue icon appears to its left too.

When you click this icon, the recipient’s email address is removed from your message list leaving just those entries that have a Full Name along with an Email Address. You can add or remove any of the fields that appear by clicking on them.

Once you’ve changed your preview settings, the Outlook Setting in the dialogue box will pop up. Choose All mailboxes or This folder according to your requirements.

Outlook change preview

checkout image:

checkout image

You can always filter based on the necessary information, what you want to see, or which account Exchange server is being used. You can always use subheadings for the recent messages and delete them all once read.

As Outlook Message Preview Tool hold a special place for the users that they can set up their email in such way that they will be able to know about their mail at first moment, in this way you can turn on your message preview settings to check the latest information.