Outlook Not Showing Images + How To Fix It

You might have seen some people posting in the forums at Outlook not being able to see images on their outlook account. You opened an email message and it said that outlook is not displaying the included pictures. Why is this?

Outlook is widely used email application which can be installed in Windows Operating systems. It has become very popular because of its ease of use and wide range of features that it comes with.

The most popular extension of an email client is Microsoft Outlook. Unfortunately, it’s not yet compatible with a lot of modern-day email solutions.

One of the biggest shortcomings that we have seen from Outlook is that images don’t display properly regardless of the server or extension used to send the emails.

Microsoft Outlook is an email application that has various features to allow its users to work faster and more efficiently.

Sometimes when you receive an email with an image in the body, sometimes it won’t display in Outlook.

In this article, you’ll get a complete outlook image not displaying in Outlook email solution when you receive the email images are not embedded.

Common Reasons for Blocked Images in Outlook

There are multiple reasons for images to become blocked in Outlook:

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Internet connection Problem:

Getting your entire email message even when you have a low internet connection is possible, but if you want images to display in your message, there has to be a good amount of bandwidth available, which means that you need all three of the below options:

Outlook Safe mode

Most of the time Outlook add-ins tend to get in the way of all the Outlook features. This includes downloading images in messages, and any other element that requires coding like contact lists and task lists; there may be problems opening these as well. To fix this, turn off your add-ins and restart Outlook.

Picture Placeholder setting

Sometimes, failing to access pictures in an email can be a result of trouble downloading your email. To stay on the right path, make sure you turn off picture download settings in your messages but not necessarily in order to prevent you from having a smooth transition but also to keep your webmail functioning perfectly.

  • Click on New mail
  • Then Click on File >> Options
  • Click Mail >> Click Editor Options (under compose message) mail-editor-options 1
  • Now Click on Advanced from the left portion of the screen.
  • From the display e-mail content 
  • Check whether the option Show Picture Placeholder is disabled or not, if not Uncheck “Show picture placeholder “. show-picture-placeholder 2
  • Close all opened dialog boxes.
  • Reset Outlook and check from now you can see the images download easily.

Disable the setting for encrypted pages

  • Click Window + R
  • Type Control Panel >> Enter internet setting in the search bar
  • Internet Options window opens up >> Click on Advance tab
  • Scroll down till “Do not save encrypted files to disk “, Uncheck this setting, and Click.internet-properties 3

Virus scanner or firewall blocking

Anti-virus is designed to either block or quarantine any items that are suspected of being dangerous to your network, (internal or external) whether the communication originated on your system or not. Picture downloading fails because a virus scanner resists or blocks Outlook from retrieving these pictures.

To avoid getting your pictures flagged by your antivirus program, try disabling the scanning feature altogether.

If all of the above methods are unsuccessful, reinstall Office to fix email problems. Reinstalling Office will not delete any settings or Outlook data but it resolves Outlook bugs that cause mail issues.

Pictures not showing in Outlook

Currently, sending messages or emails containing images or graphics is common. But there’s a problem that occurs when the image isn’t fully displayed: The InfoBar at the top of the message clearly indicates that more images are available. outlook-not-showing-images 4

There are a few methods to get rid of this problem:

  • Unblock picture for the single email message
  • Add sender to safe sender list
  • Add the domain to the safe sender list
  • Change automatic download setting

Unblock Image for the single email message

Although image downloading can be enabled through manual modification of the image URL, you can simply unblock images by accessing them from the Details pane within Preview itself.

If enabled this way, images will download without any obstructions from your end – unless you make another change to your message’s text before saving it as an MHTML file. Pictures-not-showing 5

This process automatically saved the image for this email message and in the future, you won’t have to repeat the process manually. As soon as you open the message, you will be able to view it immediately!

Add Sender/Domain to safe sender list

You can take steps to unblock pictures from a specific email address or domain in Gmail. Add-Sender-Domain-to-safe-sender-list 6

Click on the InfoBar at the top of the message, select “Add Sender to Safe Senders List” or “Add sender to Safe Senders List“, this process allows all images received from the sender or domain in the future. domain-allow 7

Click Yes on either of the banner cases, and from now on you’ll receive images in your emails from specific senders or any domains that Outlook considers trusted.

Change Automatic Download Setting

You can navigate to the “Tools-> Junk Mail Filter” section in your email inbox and then select the option “Safe Senders,” and type in all of your contacts there.


  • Click of File Tab from the top left corner of the screen.Trust-center 8
  • Click Options >> Microsoft Outlook Trust Center section >> click on Trust Center Settings
  • Trust center dialog box appears, From the Automatic Download tab from the left-hand section.
  • Check “Download pictures automatically in HTML e-mail messages or RSS items.” Check “Download pictures in encrypted or signed HTML email messages”.
  • Click OK to Save Changes.Trust-center-setting 9

Outlook blocks all images by default, which means that those pictures will never reach you. To enable pictures in email follow these steps:

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