Why New Emails Are Not Showing in Outlook? – Find & Fix

Microsoft Outlook is the restaurant that never stops serving even during tough hectic days.

Some of the users are facing issues related to “Outlook not showing new emails”. These issues somehow interfere with the normal Outlook functioning.

You’ve just received that plum promotion, or you have been assigned to work with a big client, and you think it’s going to be huge.

However, the thing that really makes or breaks a start-up is its ability to generate buzz through the use of email marketing.

Sometimes Outlook doesn’t display your messages in the inbox view. Don’t worry though: there are many reasons why this happens, and we’re here to help you sort it out.

The possible grounds behind this issue are:

  • Mailbox cleanup.
  • Check out the added filter in Outlook folder View Settings.
  • Check Outlook Profile
  • Outlook Cache
  • Email wrongly landed to Junk Folder

Outlook Email Rules

Outlook email rules are great little tools for intelligently arranging messages. It’s a powerful way to file your emails according to your specifications and keep you in control of your inbox.

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Multiple rules can in some cases route messages away from your inbox to be archived, converted into tasks or sent directly to the trash.

If your rules are not working as intended, examine other update options.

Check the Automatic Refresh Option

By default, the Microsoft Outlook application comes with auto refreshment/updates in the background, but as they say never make assumptions only assumptions make bad design. Here I will show you how to check the feature:

Click send and received >> send and received groups >> Define send and received groups. Check-the-Automatic-Refresh-Option 1

Click ‘Send/Receive’ link on the Mail menu, check box labelled ‘Schedule an automatic Send/Receive every X minute’, adjust time of refreshment and click OK to close.

This configures Outlook to keep your account in sync by automatically checking for new mail every so often. send-receive-group 2

Check the Other Folder

Outlook web users are already aware of the Focused and Other Folder, which shows only unread emails that you have marked as important in your email program under the folder called ‘Focused’.

Focused Inbox is not typically available to Outlook 365 subscribers but it’s possible to make it appear as if one has access to this feature.

Emails that never reach your inbox can be tricky to track down. If you’re waiting on something specific, the obvious first step is to look in other places it might have ended up.

Your task says “Check the other folder” – look in the other folder and let us know if you find an email that was sent by us.

Or, if you choose to use a Focused Inbox, you can decide whether or not to let the special email address you’ve entered into your contacts book always show up in your inbox. Check-the-Other-Folder-768x611 3

Check Outlook Profile

A corrupt profile is a nuisance for anyone who wants to work efficiently on Outlook, but it’s also easy to remove and reinstall the profile.

Remove and Add Again

Follow the simple step to remove the account:

  • Click on the File button on the top left corner of Outlook screen.
  • Get Info >> click on the Account Settings drop-down and select Account settings.
  • Select the account you like to remove >> and click the remove button.
  • Click Yes to confirm to remove the account from Outlook. remove-account-outlook 4
  • Select the “Control Panel” at the top of your computer before selecting ” Mail.” Once you have selected ” Mail ” a drop-down menu will appear; press on the drop-down menu and then select the option labeled with your email input.

Cleaning Outlook Cache

Clearing up Outlook cache/temporary files will help to keep your Outlook email smooth. Temporary files bring errors, by removing the temporary files you may be able to find your lost emails again.

Email wrongly landed to Junk Folder

Make sure you are checking your junk folder regularly to see if anything important has been mailed there by mistake.

Junk is useful to protect one’s inbox from spam emails but sometimes, as a result of spam blockers wrongly provisioned or intelligence used in Outlook, many emails get sent straight to the junk folder without showing up in the inbox.

So all you have to do is use the search bar in your email inbox and start typing the name of a company that you expect to receive emails from. Email-wrongly-landed-to-Junk-Folder-768x622 5

Right-click the email and click “Not Junk”. Or if you have Outlook, you can use Ctrl + Alt + J to do the same thing.

Outlook users are used to seeing emails with a flag in the mail column. It means that there is an important event attached to this email.

When it happens, Outlook automatically configures a new message flag column with instructions by clicking “Mark as important”. mark-as-not-junk-294x300 6

Bonus Tip

Shut everything out and restart Microsoft Outlook, in most cases restarting the application will clear up any issues that prevented the receipt of emails. You should try this action to see if it resolves your problem


In conclusion, I’ve given you a few ways that you can go about solving your issue with Outlook. If you’re still experiencing these issues with the application, then we recommend reaching out to Outlook support for further assistance in resolving your problem.