Outlook Progressive Web Apps – What Is Outlook PWA?

Outlook Progressive Web Apps, progressive Web Apps are apps that run-in browsers. There are several different ways in which you can implement this feature into your product.

One way is by using the Private Window option of Microsoft Outlook which lets you view the Inbox, Outbox, Deleted Items, Drafts, or Sent Items of a different user without logging into your mail client to do it.

What is Outlook PWA?

Outlook PWA is a new web application format introduced by Microsoft. This format allows developers to build native applications using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

The main advantage of this approach is that it enables developers to create apps that look and behave exactly like their desktop counterparts. Additionally, this approach should make syncing app data between devices easier.

In order to provide an engaging experience across devices, Microsoft has created a number of technologies specifically Windows Runtime (WinRT), Universal Windows Platform (UWP), and XAML. These platforms help developers build applications that run across multiple devices.

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Using these frameworks, developers can now build powerful mobile apps that run on multiple platforms. They also have the ability to target various different form-factors, including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even wearables.

Outlook PWA is an alternative to Outlook web application. The user can open the email account in Microsoft Outlook by using the app created by Microsoft.

How Outlook PWA works?

Outlook PWA works by sending a user’s email and calendar items to the Microsoft cloud, where those resources are accessible from any device.

How to install Outlook Progressive Web Apps (PWA)?

  • Open Outlook web (Outlook.com).
  • Click on the Install icon in the address bar. 1 pic

If you are using a different browser other than Microsoft Edge, the changes should be applied as expected. 2 pic

  • Click on the Install button from the popup that will appear to ask if you want to install the application.

An application will be installed locally and often launches immediately. Use it to access capabilities that aren’t available on the web.

There is an Outlook icon newly installed at your default location, it will soon be mapped to the Start Menu or Taskbar.

Does Progressive Web Apps Offline Mode?

Apparently, Outlook has not been tested in the offline mode. As a result, you may need to fix this. Currently the only platform that will make your mailbox convenient enough to handle all features would be Outlook.

Even if you don’t have access to internet, it will handle all features except sending and receiving messages without any problem.

Outlook PWA is superior to the OWA when it comes to outlook related functionalities like viewing and composing email, tracking your calendar entries, managing contacts or accessing files.

Steps to Uninstall Outlook PWA

Outlook.com has added a PWA in the form of Outlook Mail that allows users to appreciate the full experience in their email account, just by opening their browser.

Still, you may never feel completely at ease with PWA, you can send it packing whenever you’d like, simply click the app that you want to remove.

Click the three dots on the upper right corner of the screen, click “Uninstall Outlook”… 3 pic

Final confirmation in the form of a dialog box, click confirmation. 4 pic

If you want to uninstall Outlook PWA from your computer system, go through the software removal option available inside Windows Control Panel.


In conclusion, If you’re looking for ways to maximize your performance or change your perspective, I’ve got some suggestions. Create web-based applications that respond to the needs of the market and offer new services.

Create something of value for others. Experiment with new ways of doing things. Educate yourself and seek to learn.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does PWA stand for in Outlook?

Progressive web applications are just like regular web applications. They’re made using web technologies such as service workers and PWA-friendly APIs that look and feel like native apps, but run in a browser tab.

Where can I use Outlook PWA?

One may use the Outlook application via PCs, laptops, smartphones, be it a tablet or phablet – and all of them without changing anything at all.