Outlook Read Aloud Not Working – Fix It!

Can anybody read my email to me, no they cannot, Outlook can now read aloud your required emails to you.

Just like speaking phone in earlier days, you just have to hit a button and your telephone recording device records everything you say. Additionally, Microsoft Outlook also allows you to sit back and relax and you can listen to all your email messages too.

In this blog, you’ll find the steps on how to configure the Outlook text-to-speech read option so that you and your colleagues can listen to your emails.

How to make Outlook read aloud?

Outlook 365 subscribers have read aloud feature for reading emails forth and back. Outlook Read Aloud Not Working It allows the users to click on the speak button to listen to email text in an audible way.

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Below step are important

  • Lunch Outlook >> Open specific folder consists of email.
  • For instance, Inbox, select your email, you like to listen.

There are two options to listen to your email message.

  • Simply click on the email, your email message opens up on the right-side reading pane.
  • The second option is to double-click and open the email message in a separate window.

In both, the scenario, click on Message Tab >> Hit Read Aloud Outlook-read-aloud-not-working 1

This function allows you to have your emails read aloud as well. One can select on a specific line in an email, or even allow Outlook to complete a whole message for you.

When Read Aloud is running, underlined controls appear on the right side of the document? How-to-make-Outlook-read-aloud 2

There are some options/choices available

  • Backward paragraph selection: While reading, on clicking the back button simply jump to the preceding paragraph and start reading again.
  • The second option is the play and pause button.
  • Thirdly skip paragraph selection: This option skips your running paragraph and jumps to the next.
  • Option key which opens up a few more function:
  • Can adjust the reading speed/narration, which can be modified.
  • You can choose from three voices, two male and one female.

To stop Read Aloud, you can click the cross in the top-right of the controls to turn it off. Or you can choose “read aloud” again or close the message.

Outlook Read Aloud will only read body text out loud, so if you want to be able to hear the subject line of email messages, you’ll need to select the option in your Outlook program settings that allows you to listen to message subjects.

Why Outlook read aloud not working?

The Outlook read aloud feature is part of Microsoft Outlook and we have had complaints that users are experiencing errors when using the Outlook read aloud feature.

The challenges of launching Outlook in safe mode are often related to certain add-ins that could conflict with most other functionality. The trouble is finding the culprit plugin that causes issues and removing it.

Here are the steps to get it done.

  • Open Outlook
  • Choose File >> Click Options.
  • Select Add-ins from the left sidebar menu.
  • Manage: COM Add-ins option, select Disable items.
  • Click OK Why-Outlook-read-aloud-not-working 3

You’ll notice that all your Outlook features will remain fully operational. There will be no difficulty in using these features and there should not be any difficulty that prevents you from working as you normally would with Outlook’s entire functionality still easily accessible.

The second reason you might not be getting vocal messages is because you might not have a microphone installed on your computer or the sound is muted.

Also, if your default Microsoft Outlook email client app is set to display technical errors on your computer screen instead of the actual error message – this could also be why you’re not getting read aloud notifications.

Few of the programs that a computer repair tech can legally acquire on the open market offer users a chance to fix Windows errors automatically.