Outlook Reminder On Top + Always Keep You on Time

Although a terrific program that reminds you of upcoming events, Outlook at times can be too pushy. What happens if you are running from a meeting to another and it pops up with a reminder of an upcoming event?

In this case, you’ll have to make sure that the event isn’t urgent otherwise you’ll look like you’re tardy for your next scheduled business engagement.

How to make Outlook Calendar reminders stay on top in Windows

Outlook reminder pop-up messages can be distracting when they pop up while you’re in a meeting or concentrating on a task.

When we’re busy in a task, it’s so easy to lose track of time – on our PC or Mac, background emails and reminders can help us stay connected with what’s important, no matter how much we’re working on.

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Outlook 365 gives you flexibility to help stay organized and on top of things. One such option is the ability to create a reminder that will display itself inside of the app’s notifications area, so as not to be constantly available.

When creating a reminder in Outlook through the desktop version, there are options to set an audible notification or priority status. Using either of these can help get your tasks done more efficiently.

Please enable the feature by entering your name and password.

  • Open Outlook >> Click the File tab,
  • Click Options in the pane to the left >> and then choose Advanced.
  • Go to the Reminders section, Click on the check box “Show Reminders on Top of Other Windows” Outlook-Reminder-On-Top 1

This process can end up with important tasks overlooked, so Outlook Meeting Reminders always remain on top. If you have tried it, you will find this tool really handy and it keeps reminder on top every time.

Make The Outlook Reminders Pop Up on Top While Working on Other files [Using VBA]

Apart from the above-inbuilt method which was introduced earlier only in MS Outlook 365, for users 2003, 2007 and 2013, enabling “Show reminders on top” is not visible.

Although many users (myself included) have been increasingly frustrated with reminders being hidden behind other windows, thankfully this functionality has now been upgraded and reinstated.

You can use the VBA code itself to handle it! Here are several different ways:

  • Open Outlook
  • Press Alt and F11 simultaneously
  • A separate Microsoft Visual Basic window appears
  • Drill down to Project1 >> Microsoft Outlook Objects >> This Outlook Session
  • Paste the code below into the blank section Microsoft-Outlook-Objects 2
  • Finally, click F5 to run the code. Close the window. And if Outlook is minimized when you are working on other applications, the reminders pop up on top of the screen while you work.

One of my friends recently reminded me of a sound that operates within the Outlook platform.

What he made me realize was that although it is an important tool to keep your message organized, the email program itself might be too much for you to handle at one time and you may not know about things happening in your work space due to the overpowering sound.

In order for these distractions not to occur, it would be wiser to learn how to transfer that task over to someone else by setting your alarms as a backup or also known as an afterthought.

This post seems short, but it actually gives you your answers on Outlook Reminder On Top.