What Is RSS Feed In Outlook 2013, 2017, 2019, 365

to quick news updates and changes in your favourite entertainment and consumer products.

Thanks to RSS feed subscriptions, you could keep family and friends updated with your favourite one or two site e-newsletters if they aren’t already among the expert subscribers of their own.

In this piece, we will teach you how to use Outlook RSS to help keep up with technology news and tips so that you never miss a thing. So whether you’re a techie or just learning how to better take advantage of the fast-paced tech world, this is an interesting read for everyone.

You may read your favourite information sources as they are updated, but you might find that signing up for a variety of websites can take up too much time.

Just in case you haven’t heard, e-mail overload is a very real problem. One that can result in the loss of important information. But there’s hope! Here at my company, we pride ourselves on providing easy and simple solutions to even the biggest problems out there like e-mail overload.

Like a central database for all your news, RSS feeds allow users to receive regular updates sent directly to them through a site, blog or software.

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How To Add the RSS feed to Outlook 365? (and get information to your inbox)

The process is quite simple and required a few steps to enable Outlook RSS feeds.

  • Click File Tab
  • Select Options >> Advanced >> RSS Feed
  • Select or clear the Synchronize RSS Feeds to the Common Feed List (CFL) in the Windows check box


  • Click OK.

How to use RSS Feeds in Outlook?

To get started, find out where you can add an RSS Feed to your Outlook Email. A good place might be on the bottom of each new mail item. To make sure a link is there, go to Settings>Mail>E-mail Accounts>Your Outgoing Server (SMTP) Server Name into which you need to enter outbound.yourdomainname.com/RSSReader and select Other next to Server Type and then click Advanced.

Click the Security tab, check Requires encrypted connection and in the Connection security prompt select StartTLS to ensure that the server is using TLS (Transport Layer Security). Now if you check under Account>Your Information, the link will be there.

  • Go to the specific website you like RSS feedback to Outlook.
  • Select the RSS Feed icon from the website, such as Button image, RSS button or, XML button, for the content you want to receive.

Copy the URL

  • Open Microsoft Outlook, Go to the navigation section of your inbox >> right-click the RSS Feeds folder >> Click Add a New RSS Feed.

 Add a New RSS Feed.

  • A New RSS Feed dialogue box pops up, Paste the same URL copied from the above step >> Click ADD.

RSS Feed

  • Outlook finally confirms to Add this RSS Feed to Outlook, click the Yes button.


  • Click the Advanced Options in case you want to configure the RSS feed’s settings. For example, you can name your feed and select whether to download the full article as a .html attachment or not.

RSS Feed options

  1. Feed Name: Enter your name accordingly to your requirement.
  2. Delivery Location: By default, Outlook automatically saves incoming data in a special folder. However, should your podcast generate particularly large amounts of information, you will want to store it in a different email folder.
  3. Downloads: The folders in the Outlook app automatically download only a brief summary of each item. To read the full article from the enclosures, you have to select the checkbox in case you need it.
  4. Update Limit: Outlook automatically downloads a small summary of each item. You can choose the “download entire article” option to get a detailed look at the content contained in it.
  • Finally, click Yes to complete.
  • Your RSS Feed folder is added in the navigation bar, you can check the unread feeds and the list.

 click Yes to complete

How To Stop RSS feeds?

Sometimes, it is a good idea to just take a break from the Internet. You’ve been using it almost every day for hours at a time. Don’t you think that’s enough? So why not get off now and just go do something else for a while?

Deleting an RSS feed is like scooping out a pumpkin. Both are easy and fun! To delete an RSS feed, first, you need to select the feeds folder in your account (typically found under the main ‘My Subscriptions’ at the top of your screen) and then choose which one you want to get rid of finally hit ‘Remove.’

Delete Folder.

  • The Microsoft Outlook application requires confirmation before deleting the selected RSS feed. Click ‘Yes’ to confirm and delete the selected RSS feed after it displays.


How to Fix Outlook RSS Feed Error?

Outlook RSS feeds error encountered due to some technical glitch in between, there must be multiple causes for this bug. Our Outlook Calendar Fix tool will make your pending issues fixed within a few minutes and we provide a 15-days free trial with a money-back guarantee.

  • RSS feeds just stops updating due to a technical glitch.
  • Website URL addresses changes.
  • Outlook RSS Feeds reported error 0x80004005, 0x800C0008, 0x8004010F.
  • The update Limit feature is turned off.

Change folder RSS feed stored

Microsoft Outlook can save RSS feeds as a file on your computer, which is stored in a PST (Personal Folder File) or OLM. To do this, open word and click the File tab >> Account settings >> Account Settings.

 Change Folder
Turn On Update Time Limit

By default, the update limit feature is turned on for any RSS feed set up via BlogLinker, unless you change this setting.

To check whether your Exchange account has been configured correctly, choose the File tab and then click Account Settings from the commands.

Now go over to the Feeds page, and you’ll want to click on the Change button. Make sure that the Update Limit check box is selected.

Update URL Address

A majority of the websites I monitor usually become unavailable for a period of time after the webmaster has edited their RSS feeds. In order to have my client’s content updated, which is notified by email, I simply need to delete the existing content and create new RSS Feed settings in my client’s account settings.

Final words

RSS feeds have many advantages over email for keeping track of various news sources. One of the best advantages that RSS feeds present is that you only read what you want to read and when you want to read it.

News websites often give you several options – from all sorts of topics, which can be a bit much, or sometimes even unnecessary. To eliminate all this clutter, RSS feeds allow you to read-only specific articles relevant to your field of expertise.