Outlook Ruler [Helpful – To Align Messages]

Outlook Ruler [Helpful – To Align Messages] helps you measure the indents or spacing easily. By default, the Microsoft Outlook ruler is missing in the setup. When you need to quickly find a section of your emails, like your tasks for example and wish to expand this email section, what would you do then?

Isn’t it a pain when you get an email with the body text running all over this way and that? You know what we mean, right? In such cases, it is easy to lose your focus or miss something. This article will tell you how to show the ruler in outlook 2013/2014.

how to show ruler in outlook

How to view the ruler in Outlook?

If you’d like to make the most of formatting tools in Outlook, there are a couple of things you can do. This post will help walk through some quick and easy steps to get started using the functionalities provided by this specific feature contained within Microsoft’s email client.

The ruler helps you align text, graphics, Outlook tables and other elements so that they are easy to read and look great.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Click New Mail, from the Home tab.


Click on the Launcher key from the top left corner of the new email message window.

 new email message window.

In the Quick Access Toolbar, select Commands Not in the Ribbon, in the Choose commands from the list.

 Choose commands from the list.

Click Add, Outlook ruler added in the quick excess toolbar.

excess toolbar.

Quickly enable or disable the horizontal ruler by doing the following: Click the View tab, then in the “Rulers” section, check or uncheck “Always show horizontal ruler”.

quick excess toolbar

How to view ruler on ms outlook emails shortcut keys?

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excess toolbar

How does Outlook Ruler Help Users?

When writing an email, it is best to use a size that is not too wide, or in other words a horizontal-scrolled window. Otherwise, long lines of words are very difficult to read and understand. For easier composing and reading, the text should be no more than 6 inches in length.

In case you are a Reader, instead of adjusting the whole screen, it’s better to create an email by adjusting the margins using your ruler.

You can check and adjust the margin using Page setup, here is the small tutorial:

  • Double click on the Expander any icon (left or right) to open the Paragraph Dialog Box.
  • By default, both left and right indicators are set to zero.

Page setup

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