Outlook Rules Not Running Automatically

Outlook Rules Not Running Automatically only provides you with the ability to bypass the default settings of Outlook, but it allows you to focus on specific emails entering your inbox that can lead to an automatic response.

It’s important to have good email management software in place. But you know what else is important? It’s making sure you are actually using the software – or at least scheduling your emails so they’re sent at appropriate times with follow-ups you’ve planned out in advance.

Outlook rules not working automatically – What are the causes?

Technical issues can affect Outlook, not just because of computer malfunctions, but also because the user may have overlooked a few details. With just a little effort and understanding, most of these mishandling errors are able to be diagnosed and fixed by the user resolving them quickly.

  • Rule function exceeds rule quota (merge similar rules together).
  • Reset or Rename SRS File.
  • Corruption Issue via IMAP or POP3 Account.
  • Delete the Rules (reset it).
  • Repair Your Outlook Data File.
  • The rule function is disabled.

Outlook rules not working – [How to fix?]

Error messages in outlook rules can be very frustrating, but they’re also fixable. Let’s take a look at how to cure errors in Outlook 2010’s rules

Reset send and receive settings (SRS) file in Outlook

Enterprise clients that use Outlook can now enjoy the automatic process of rules working with Outlook again.

This will allow you to set new rules and alerts without the need for our assistance! We have fixed this enterprise-level bug by resetting the SRS file. Here are some steps to follow if you would like to do this yourself.

  • Go to my computer copy this path and paste it into the address bar
  • [C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook]You can check the .srs file available on your screen and just rename it.
  • That’s it your open your Outlook and your SRS file is reset.

Delete the Rules (reset it)

Sometimes a complete reset may be required to delete the rule(s) that may not be working and recreate them to get them working again. Follow these steps to delete your Outlook rules.

  • Open Outlook >> Click File Tab >> Info >> Manage Rules and Alerts.
  • Select the Rule from the list.
  • Press the select button from the tab.
  • Click Yes, Your existing rule is deleted.
  • Click on the New rule to set up the fresh rule.

Manage Rules and Alerts.

Corruption Issue via IMAP or POP3 Account

If your Outlook rules aren’t running automatically, or you notice other oddities with Outlook, resetting the rules might solve the problem. Be sure to test your email for corruption afterward.

The Windows Key+R combination is a quick way to trigger the Run command in Windows. That will open up the dialogue box where you’ll be able to type “Rules” and press Enter.


space cleanrules

Rule function exceeds rule quota (merge similar rules together)

You can combine functions with the same outcome in Outlook to create rules that produce better results. For example, you can consolidate several conditions that use one Cc: item by using “OR.” Another way to make your rules cleaner is to consolidate duplicate conditions that have the same outcome but different reasons for triggering them.

If a rule is not working as intended, check how much memory it is consuming by right-clicking on it and then selecting “Properties.” Then click on the “Memory” tabs.

An excellent example, the best if you may, is the way that all social emails are handled by a user’s email client. The system creates rules for Facebook,

Twitter and LinkedIn regardless of the account used in order to shift any type of mail (regardless of time/day/person) directly into a dedicated folder to be dealt with at some point over the next couple of days/week/month/year.

It is strongly recommended to use the OR operation when merging your contacts from various social networking platforms. This way you may keep email notifications intact and move them into the Social folder where you can look at them later or decide from which channel you want to receive updates later on.

rule social media

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