Outlook Suggested Replies – How To Turn On/Off

Outlook Suggested Replies, these days, everyone uses Outlook. Here’s a great post I found on using Outlook Suggested Replies. It’s going to help me save some time from replying to emails manually.

I find Outlook a better option than Gmail. Initially, it seems to have more glitches than the regular version but I find it easy to use and versatile. One of my favorite features is the ability to create canned replies which helps me direct emails appropriately.

Outlook Suggested Replies may look a lot like Outlook text prediction, but there is a major difference.

When you use Outlook text prediction to type your email messages, it auto-suggests words and phrases that would likely follow the words you’ve typed, but Suggested Replies merely gives you three to four suggested responses, instead of words or phrases.

Outlook is one of the oldest widely-used web clients that’s been around for many years, so it’s no wonder that they would eventually get it right by adding more functionality and capabilities to their software.

It’s a gradual process but I’m happy to say that they’ve begun to suggest replies to common emails.

What is Outlook Suggested Replies all about?

Whenever we receive an email, Outlook AI suggests the best possible reply. We can tell which reply would be most suitable for our recipient.

If you are not happy with the text of your suggestion, you can let us know by selecting report inappropriate text.

The only condition required is “Whenever you received an email message having some kind of question, and that would be only replied with the answer that is specific” Suggested Replies come into play.

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Even within iPhone or Android, suggested replies function in that manner.

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How do I turn off suggestions in Outlook?

A common issue new Outlook users come across is extra information they are not necessarily interested in such as the Suggested Replies feature. This feature is supposed to help users write their emails faster but how could we disable it?

There are several ways to handle suggestion replies in Outlook. You can do so when using the application, or on the web or even using PWA.

  • Open Outlook application from your desktop or Laptop.
  • Click File Tab >>Mail from the left panel.
  • Scroll down to the reply and forward section.
  • Uncheck the box “Show suggested repliessuggested-replies-disable 3

Similar to Outlook, for Outlook Web and for the Outlook Web App, the steps are very similar.

  • Open Outlook Web
  • Click the gear icon on the top right corner of the screen to open the Settings.
  • Click View all Outlook settings, in the pop-up window, select Mail and then Compose and reply.
  • On the right, uncheck the box for Suggested Replies. turn-off-suggestions-in-Outlook-web-1-768x394 4
  • Click Save.

Note: The Outlook Suggested Replies feature is only available for Outlook email account users.


In conclusion, if you’re sending out emails to clients, colleagues, or friends, you should keep in mind that you’re speaking to each of them personally and nothing you say will be lost on them. Let your words be meaningful and heartfelt – because if it’s worth saying, it’s worth saying right.

Suggest reply allows the recipient to focus more on replying back to you and not having to worry about receiving a prompt message from others as well. It also helps in creating a more thorough response.