Outlook To Do List Vs Tasks – Explanation Guide

Outlook To Do List Vs Tasks, microsoft Outlook users may be curious about the differences between tasks and to-do lists. Perhaps one searches a little more than the other.

A lot of members still find it difficult to differentiate between open-source software and freeware.

The first thing I do when I get out of bed each morning is make sure to take a minute to review what kind of tasks that need to be accomplished throughout the day and divide them into three categories: tasks that related specifically with work or career, tasks that have something to do with your family or friends, and any other miscellaneous tasks you can come up with.

Feel free to check in on this progress regularly during the course of your day and even add new ones as they occur to you.

What is the difference between Task and To-Do list in Outlook?

For the first few weeks I used Microsoft Outlook on my computer, I was confused about the difference between a “To do” list and tasks.

The only thing I figured out was that one was for events I’d planned for in the near future and that tasks were for events too.

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Outlook gives the user the ability to either create regular tasks or recurring tasks. Outlook To Do List Vs Tasks The question is, where are these tasks saved?

A To-Do is any item flagged for follow-word in Outlook’s Tasks folder and flagged email in the inbox.

Nowadays, there are many things to address and do in your life. You get too many things from people which can make you feel that you have to do something for them on a moment’s notice.

Keeping all of this in mind, to do list is a perfect solution for all kinds of tasks for you no matter which device you are available on.

One thing to note is that when you create a new task within To do list, it might be somewhat confusing in the sense that it will be stored as both a new task within To-Do and also within the Tasks folder.

Basically, there is no comparison between Task and to do list in outlook or in tagboard which consists of tasks.

A significant difference between Outlook’s To-do list and Tasks is that the Tasks folder contained only active tasks, but the To-do list contained everything from flagged email to calendars as well as tasks.

To do list consists of:

  • Categories
  • Start Date
  • Due date
  • Type
  • Importance
  • Assignment
  • Modified Date What-is-the-difference-between-Task-and-To-Do-list-in-Outlook 1

You can arrange and sort the list according to your convenience.

NOTE: Since Microsoft To-Do is a web-based application, the desktop Outlook task experience is still essentially the same as before.

The fact that Microsoft To-Do remains a web-based application does not have any effect on the way your desktop Outlook task experience will function.