What Is Touch Mouse Mode in Outlook? – Turn On/Off

Touch screen laptops, desktop computers and tablets provide added functionality. Microsoft Office is also required to add additional functionality to all of the various applications within an environment in which a touch mode is available for fingers, which are much wider than the average cursor.

What is Touch/Mouse Mode in Outlook?

Touch mode is a special type of operating mode for touchscreens. Typically, touchscreen devices have ‘touch’ and ‘mouse’ modes built into them.

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Office has a way of mimicking this touch mode with their ribbon interface to prevent users from having to use their mice to select or interact with commands or options they want in the program.

Touch Mode increases spacing which can help users operating Outlook more easily with their fingers.

How to switch between Touch Mode and Mouse Mode in Outlook

Switching Touch Mode to Mouse Mode and vice versa is just a quick click away:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Click on the launcher key on the quick access toolbar, it expands the drop-down list.
  • Select Touch/Mouse Mode.Touch-Mouse-Mode 1
  • Touch/Mouse Mode icon appears in the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT).
  • Click on the Touch/Mouse Mode icon, and choose a mode as required, by default mouse mood is selected.
  • Once you click on Touch Mode the complete visibility changes. Both the image below gives you the comparison.

Touch Mode Old-Mode-Outlook-768x149 2

Mouse Mode

In addition to the reading pane, a new menu bar is featured, which allows quick navigation between sections of documents. Vertical-look-Outlook 4

Outlook now features a new “Touch” interface option in which you can use the Delete button with just your thumb.

Touch mode also allows you to perform actions just like the mouse does in your laptop. the desktop version of Outlook on a touchscreen laptop.

Difference between Touch and Mouse mode

The operation and features of mouse mode are similar to those of mouse touch mode, and the same can be said for stylus mode like both support freehand drawing (virtual).

At times, there may be conflict between the two sets of designed options that is why spacing plus will help a lot.

The biggest advantage of icon-fonts is the click ability, which allows the keyboard to be used rather than the mouse.

The second major difference between touch mode and mouse mode is that touch mode comes with a new menu bar on the right side of the screen.

This contains top-ten standard keys, like Reply, Reply All, Forward, Move, Follow Up but in touch mode it also features Delete which is not included in mouse mode.