Overtype Mode in Outlook – Enable/Disable

Overtype Mode in Outlook, have you ever wanted to add a bit of training or maybe make some notes on text you didn’t write? Try using the overtype mode. If you’re having trouble keeping track of what’s what, why not try using the overtype mode.

Microsoft has released the Overtype mode feature in Office 365 that lets you change words automatically instead of typing them out. The feature was introduced and is already available in Outlook for Windows and Mac.

You now have access to a variety of languages and writing styles for composing e-mails, documents and messages. The new Overtype mode allows you to quickly compose messages without having to manually correct spelling errors.

Using data in the same format as other applications, such as Microsoft Office documents and PDFs, makes it simple to share this information between devices.

What is Overtype in Microsoft Office?

When in overtype mode, it replaces the text you type with something else. If you were to type a letter into this box, that letter would then appear on top of whatever words are to the right of your cursor at the time of typing.

Normally when you need to replace specific words or text, you simply remove the text using the delete key and type new content.

However, in overtype mode you need not remember what had been there previously but can automatically replace the text as you type it. Even though this may sound simple. Here’s an example that uses overtype mode

Place the cursor over the existing text and begin typing without pressing [Enter] or clicking anywhere else. Content will be automatically inserted between the current selection and the cursor, Overtype mode replaces the content above (or to the left of) your insertion point with new text as you type.

Sometimes it’s helpful to be able to write over what you’ve already written. The Overtype mode to by default is turned on, but sometimes we like to be able to change what we just wrote so we will have the option of switching it on and off.

In this article, you’ll learn how to activate and deactivate overtype mode in Outlook.

How To Turn Off Overtype Mode in Outlook?

Over types are a result of humans massively using Microsoft Office and other applications (Word, Excel and Outlook) in their daily life at the same time. A major issue is done between MS and Ove type in this circumstance. In this case, mostly human beings get confused about installing and running Microsoft Office,

  • My typing is replacing text.
  • Why while typing text is deleted next letter.
  • Why typing text is overwrites
  • How to fix overwrite in outlook

Get Rid of Overtype Mode in Outlook

  • Open Microsoft Outlook >> Click New Mail
  • Click File from the top left corner of the screen >> Hit Options
  • Outlook Options dialog open appears >> Select Mail from the left pane
  • Under the right pane Compose message, click Editor Options. editor-options-outlook 1
  • Click Advanced from the left pane
  • In the edition option, there is an option and its sub-option
  1. Use the Insert key to control overtype mode
  2. Use overtype mode

If you select the toggling use the Insert key control overtype mode option then the text will be overwritten using the Insert key on the keyboard. If you select Use overtype mode not having to press the Insert key will cause elements to overwrite each other automatically. Use-the-Insert-key-to-control-overtype-mode-768x404 2

Unchecking both the Overtype and Insertion Point tools will disable Overtype Mode in Outlook.

  • Click the OK button to finish the setting.

Now you can work normally and easily using Microsoft Word’s Overtype option feature. From now on, your images will be drastically resized automatically without having to save the document or press any other buttons.

Shortcut key for Overtype Mode

You can toggle overtype mode on and off by pressing the “Ins” key depending on what kind of keyboard you’re using. In most keyboards, you need to click the “FN” button along with the “Ins” key in order to turn Overtype mode on/Off.

If you are using Microsoft Outlook, this function will not work as it should. Instead, follow the steps listed above in my written article post to find this option.


In conclusion, While the best way to get started with overtype is to try it out and see if it works for you, here are some quick tips: Use overtype mode when writing an email that has a draft already in your outbox to rework parts of it where you can start by deleting the existing text.