Quick Outlook Tips and Tricks for Beginners 2022 – Helpful Illustrated Guide!

Gmail is a free, advertising-supported email service developed by Google. While it’s not the only email app available, it has been praised for being very user-friendly and intuitive.

Though there may be a lot of macros or add-ons at times, it is possible to navigate through them.

This post will introduce some cool Outlook features that can make your email management more efficient as well as a few handy tips and tricks you may not have come across yet.

Microsoft Outlook is an email platform recently acquired by Microsoft. Quick Outlook Tips and Tricks for Beginners  In this article, you’ll learn about some of the basic tricks and methods for using Microsoft Outlook to manage your email.

Outlook has many useful features to make the daily stream of emails, micro tasks & calendar entries less of a strain and more efficient. Personal suggestions include things like setting up deadlines for important tasks (toolbar default) and making sure that you archive when at each meeting so as not to look disorganized.


Outlook has many useful features to make the daily stream of emails, micro tasks & calendar entries less of a strain and more efficient.

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Personal suggestions include things like setting up deadlines for important tasks (toolbar default) and making sure that you archive when at each meeting so as not to look disorganized.

How does mention work in Outlook?

To auto complete your email address without adding extra letters, start typing an email address without a space and you’ll automatically see your name and email address. How-does-mention-work-in-outlook 1

As soon as you select an email address by clicking the option to insert it into your body content, the same information will automatically appear in your email’s To field.

You can also add as many people as you want, and then send the email when your content ready with an Aware Registration link.

Change From Address

Outlook is the email platform that schedules and organizes appointments at a time. Quick Outlook Tips and Tricks for Beginners  For example, it may be scheduled to manage several emails at a time – one of them being the default account while others can become alternates or alternates too.

When you are creating a new mail in your outlook, you will notice multiple email options which allow users to change the default email address. That way one can send an email from the desired link. Change-From-Adress 2

At the same time, you can change your email address so easily; it’s as easy as replying to the message or forwarding it. why-is-from-button-missing 3

One day, a friend of mine exclaimed “why is the ‘Send’ button in my Outlook for Mac missing? It seems like an unnecessary feature to have when I only have one email account.”

Ignore Conversation

You can ignore a conversation with someone. You won’t see future messages from them, unless you choose to see them. This helps you focus on what matters in your inbox – like the emails from your boss or client.

I experience it firsthand when a marketing company sends a bulk email to its customers, and one of the customers replies all instead of replying individually, Quick Outlook Tips and Tricks for Beginners which induces a domino effect that continues on ad infinitum.

How To Activate Ignore Conversation?

Open the email >> Go to left-hand corner >> Click Ignore (Short cut key Ctrl + Del) Ignore-Conversation 4

If two users are talking and one of them deletes a message from the conversation, that same deletion happens for both parties.

You can also recover that, go to the “select folder” and open the conversation there. Then click on “ignore”, which will remove you from the contact’s list. Then return to your inbox and watch as any further mail sent by your contact is received as usual.

Mark Deleted Items Read

Have you ever realized that when you delete an email or move it to a folder, when it reaches the folder, its count reflects as unread/read?

For example, if I have 10 emails in my inbox, and I manage to successfully move 2 of them to my reading list, once they reach the reading list they are counted as 12 unread emails.

Here we are not talking about empty trash bins. We are instead referring to the fact that you might have actually read the message, only for it to seemingly disappear because of how this app works.

Go to file >> Options >> Mail >> Others section >> Select mark messages as read when selected >> Click OK

Auto Complete

The autocomplete feature in Microsoft Outlook can be a real blessing. It’s fast and efficient when you need to send an email that contains the same address time after time.

Whenever you create an email to be sent out, the Autocomplete list in Microsoft Outlook saves the email addresses that have previously been entered into TO, CC, or BCC fields.

In the future, when you start typing in an email address and begin to press the tab key, you’ll get a popup with suggestions of people that are likely included on your mailing list for that domain. Outlook-Address-Autofill-Not-Working 5

One may experience an unfortunate situation in which there are multiple saved email addresses for new customers being entered, one of them is a mistake and can easily be deleted. It will simply disappear once the user clicks on its cross sign to remove it from the list.

Custom Search Folder

Would you like to receive the same item from your inbox again and again? – I personally never want to get back the same type of an email in my inbox for example – I use to fill income tax return every year for that I required the account statement received from the bank in my Inbox every month.

I never take those e-mails seriously, but during tax season the search for them is a little hectic.

“Search Folder” is a new and powerful search engine which gives you the BEST result at a short time.

Go to the view button, look for additional views, click on the option you see to add a new one (add an additional view), popup.

To create a copy of one or more email messages already stored in your mailbox, follow these steps:

  • Unread Mail
  • Mail Flagged for follow up
  • Mail either unread or Mail Flagged for follow up
  • Important Mail
  • Mail from and To Specific people
  • The Mail from Specific People
  • Mail sends directly to me
  • The Mail sends to public groups
  • Customized mail
  • Large mail
  • Old mail
  • Mail with attachment
  • Mail with specific words

Other than that, you can create your custom search folder refer snapshot below: Custom-Search-Folder 6


Now that you’ve got the list of some of our best Outlook tips and tricks, it’s proven to be very effective in helping novice users especially if they are stepping in as a beginner.

Knowing how to effectively use Outlook can increase your productivity as well as enhance your credibility when dealing with work associates, students and customers alike.

Don’t forget to share which trick helps you the most in your situations and comment below on your experiences.