How To Reschedule a Meeting in Outlook?  – One Time & Recurring

Rescheduling meetings is not just a common practice in corporate and global organizations, adding meeting to calendars is also a routine when scheduled using Outlook. Many times, things come up and you need to re arrange meeting.

With whom? well you can use the quick right click send as e-mail or share it with your office 365 contacts, who are on your calendar.

Once you have set a time for a meeting in Outlook, the calendar automatically saves that time. If you would like to reschedule that meeting, you need to go into your calendar and edit that specific entry to be sure it’s in the correct time slot.

How to reschedule meeting time in Outlook?

Outlook is a quick and easy tool to setup meetings or get distracted by emails. Calendar can also be useful as a planning tool for your new business.

How To Reschedule a Meeting in Outlook However, it’s detrimental to let it consume all your time that you end up coming into the office every day without being productive.

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  • Lunch Outlook >> Click on the calendar icon, navigation section from the bottom left corner of Outlook screen.reschedule-meeting 1
  • That will open up your calendar, Go to the scheduled meeting date.
  • Double-click it on that specific date.
  • Now the on-time meeting window opens, you can change the inputs according to your requirement and then click the Send Update.How-to-reschedule-meeting-time-in-Outlook-768x408 2

Updating a recurring meeting is simple enough. All you have to do is add or remove members or change the date or time, and it will update accordingly. Or if you’d like certain meetings to never update at all, you can deactivate them as well.

Click Send Update, revised meeting invitation sent to meeting invitees and also updated in their calendars, which reminds them automatically according to their settings in Microsoft Office Outlook.

Drag and Drop Method

You can also change an appointment time by clicking on the appointment in the calendar and dragging it to a new time slot.

The appointment box will change as you drag it to a new time slot. You can change the length of the appointment by clicking and dragging up or down using the mouse left button without releasing the button. Drag-and-Drop-Method 3

Once you press send, Outlook then confirms your request, choose “Save changes and send an update” and OK. The next time you review outlook, all the recipients will have received the updated email message. Drop-Method 4

How to change recurring meeting time in Outlook Calendar?

The recurring meeting is similar to the on-demand meeting, and the only difference is (recurring). Here are the steps to create a single occurrence or series of occurrences.

  • Open Calendar view, double click on the event (recurring meeting) saved in the calendar.
  • Select, either you like to open just one meeting of the series or the entire one for rescheduling. change-recurring-meeting-time 5

Reschedule recurring meeting for a single month

When you create a new recurring meeting, it’s not uncommon that you want attendance limited to certain employees. Follow the steps below to limit the meeting occurrence to specific users: Reschedule-recurring-metting-for-single-month-768x451 6

An outlook box appears which is a confirmation reminder to change only this particular month’s location from the series. Click Yes. open-the-series-Outlook 7

Reschedule recurring meeting of entire series

Open the select box in your Shelf View by clicking on any series, pressing Ctrl + S and then Shift + C twice. the-entire-series 8

Recurring is about series, which means meetings are scheduled for a set number of times and you don’t need to confirm them in Outlook as we see in the above example.

You can change/modify the setting of this recurring meeting by clicking Meeting Series >> Recurrence. You can change the appointment time, recurrence pattern, or range of recurrence if necessary, and then click the OK button to save. Meeting-Series-window-Outlook 9

If everything looks good from your end, click the Send button to send a request to modify to everyone else.

Rescheduling or editing your meetings in Outlook isn’t rocket science. There must always be room for modification.