How To Select Multiple Emails In Outlook

How To Select Multiple Emails In Outlook allows users to select multiple emails at a time, but for that, you need to hold the CTRL key with your other hand and press the down arrow. But wait.

There’s more. Once you’ve done that you need to go back to the top and click on the arrow icon again. Use this method each time you want to add a new message, otherwise not all of them will be sent.

Here’s a tip for users of the Microsoft Outlook email management program: Wouldn’t it be easier to highlight multiple emails in an Outlook folder and move them into another one, or to delete them all at once? It is – with Hotmail/Live Mail.

How to quickly select multiple emails in Outlook?

Few known possible ways how Outlook Select all emails.

  • Press and hold down the Shift key from the keyboard until your selection.
  • Press Ctrl and use your mouse to select multiple emails.
  • Highlight the first message you want to select in the list press shift and select the last message in the list of emails – Use your mouse.
  • Press Ctrl+A to select all of the emails in the folder.

In Thunderbird, there is an option for this in the Quick Access Toolbar. All you need to do is click on QuickSelectAll and all your email will be selected. It’s extremely helpful when you have a lot of emails to tackle at once.

It’s a professional approach you don’t need to press any shortcut key. By default that key is available in Quick Access Toolbar, to remove it from there, you have to do some homework first.

How to add SELECT ALL BUTTON in Quick Access Toolbar?

Here are the steps to add a Select All command in your Quick Access toolbar:

  • “Getting a cup of coffee at the cafe across the street, or even making one at home has become a normal routine every morning. This saves you some cash; compared to buying coffee at Starbucks.”
  • Select more commands from the list.

Quick Access Toolbar

  • Once Outlook’s interface is open you can use CTRL to select all the commands that are available and then right click on the ones that you want to disable.
  • Choose the Select All option from the drop-down list and click ADD.
  • Select All is added to customize the quick access toolbar.
  • Finally, Click OK

Click OK.

  • You can check to select all options is added to Quick Access Toolbar.

Access Toolbar.

Using the image in the red box above, you can easily select multiple items at once by clicking on it and then dragging your mouse across the emails in your Gmail account.

Samsung’s icons can be arranged the way you want them with a feature called Icon Renamer. Once you set up your specific routine and enable it by customizing the Quick Access toolbar, the icon layout stays that way permanently.

How To delete multiple emails once they are selected?

We’ve learned multiple ways to organize your emails, whether you want to move them to a folder, archive them, or forward them. Where do you think all of your old emails go when you decide you no longer need to keep them in the inbox? What if instead of deleting an email you could move it from where it is into another file?

The process for removing multiple emails is the same no matter what version of Outlook you use, whether it’s 2011, 2010, or 2007.

Simply select multiple emails and then hit the Delete key on your keyboard and they’ll all be moved to the Trash folder. From there you can access the file anytime as long as it doesn’t have a password attached to it (in which case you’d have to go though Password Recovery ).

If you permanently want to get rid of something, empty the trash or set up a filter in Gmail to automatically move emails from this sender into another label that you don’t need at all anymore.