How To Separate Email Addresses In Outlook?

How To Separate Email Addresses In Outlook is nothing new, usually, corporate users and even self-started entrepreneurs will send out single emails to multiple contacts often.

To create a new email message, choose New Mail from the File menu or press Win-N. Then type a name for your message in the Subject field of the new document window that opens. When you’re ready to compose your missive, start typing in the message area.

Outlook automatically uses a semicolon as a separator for composing emails. If composing emails with more than one email address, manually use semicolon, comma, and tab keys to tell outlook to understand you’re completing your email address while entering the remaining ones.

Tab key.

The above image reveals semi column separator between every email address, even if you use a semicolon, comma key or Tab key. The visibility is the same (semi-column.

How to Enable/Disable coma to separate multiple message recipients?

Reply All is an important type of message in Outlook. It allows the person who is sending an e-mail to notify everyone who has been sent that specific message and allows them to do so within one reply. Here’s how to use it.

  • Open Outlook
  • Click File Tab >> Hit Options
  • Click Mail from the left-hand side options >> Scroll down to Send messages section.
  • Select the check box, “Commas can be used to separate multiple message recipients“.

“Commas can be used to separate multiple message recipients“.

Commas separator

To enable auto-complete for an email in, users can enable the feature for specific providers within their profile settings. To view instructions on how to change this setting go to this article.

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After locks down your email address and places a box around it, you can simply hit the backspace key to remove the locked email address and click the right mouse button to edit your new email address as desired.

Word allows you to correct the email address by simply adjusting what you’re looking at, whether in Outlook or on the Internet. This makes it much more convenient for users.


After entering all email addresses using commas as the separator, you need to be sure that your message can be sent as-is. The most basic way of doing this is to simply write and send a plain text email. However, if you want to include any additional features like images, links etc., then you will need your custom HTML email.