Where To Find QR Code In Microsoft Outlook?

Where To Find QR Code In Microsoft Outlook? Outlook QR code means “ Quick Response ”. QR barcode is a kind of machine-readable visual graphics that can be scanned by digital devices anytime and from any corner of the globe.

QR codes are everywhere these days. But did you know they’re slowly being phased out? In their place is the newer improved and more versatile scannable codes that can be used to store information or map an address.

A QR code can be linked to an online location that holds text or images when scanned using a smartphone camera. The QR code was originally created in 1994 by Denso Wave Inc., a Japanese company.

You can create a QR code in Microsoft Outlook, which you can easily share with anyone who has access to the Internet. This allows you to send a message to someone with just a customized link instead of manually typing the message out each time.

Is QR Code really helpful for Microsoft Outlook Users?

Outlook QR codes allow you to quickly scan your email links to your mobile phone with a QR code. This app is specially designed for Outlook users to create and generate QR codes easily.

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This can be of great use for many who feel that they need to give their viewers better and quicker ways to access the details of their products or services by including a QR code which can be scanned directly into phones via their camera lenses.

Send your readers simple and quick ways that they can read more about your product or service by helping them to view your business card using a mobile phone.

Where To Find QR Code in Microsoft Outlook?

QR codes are square images containing information about things such as URLs, phone numbers, or email addresses. They’re used mostly to provide quick links between physical objects and digital information.

The QR Code feature is not included in the traditional tab of Outlook. To add the QR code, one has to right-click and the click on the Addin Feature section in Outlook.

  • Open Outlook Click Home Get Addins Addin-Outlook-768x236 1
  • Outlook Addins basket dialog box appears, enter QR codein the Search Bar, and hit Enter. QR-codes-for-Outlook 2
  • Click Add to add QR codes for Outlook. qr-code-for-microsoft-authenticator-768x240 3

The QR code icon tab is just one more easy way to connect with customers.

How QR Code in Outlook Works?

QR codes are everywhere these days. They’re used to store information such as phone numbers, URLs and even bank account details. You might have seen photo albums with QR codes on them – what are they?

QR codes are just like barcodes but they hold more information inside of them and they are much more unique. Using a simple mobile app, you can read the QR code to access some (or all!) of the information stored inside.

You can create a QR code from Microsoft Word, Excel, Where To Find QR Code In Microsoft Outlook PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook. Once you’ve created the QR Code, you can embed it in emails, documents, websites and social media posts.

QR Codes can hold a lot of information – including people’s names, addresses, text content, dates, phone numbers and Internet links.

Right now, mobile devices such as phones and tablets that include cameras can easily scan and read the QR code to retrieve required data.

Once you have installed the add-in, simply place your mouse on each email that comes in and click the QR code icon in order to scan a QR code into Outlook. microsoft-authenticator-qr-code 4

“The QR code cannot be generated. You must upload your attachments to the cloud storage.”

In other scenarios, some kinds of content are joined with information and/or links which will be converted into QR codes once you access the QR addin for your mobile device.

QR Code Setting

You can switch from AR code to QR code very easily by simply clicking the toggle. Resizing is also a smart feature. microsoft-authenticator-qr-code-setting 5

How To Add QR Codes in Email Signatures?

Creating a signature in Outlook is quite fascinating and we would even go as far to say that it’s an art form. In today’s world, people might be apprehensive about scanning what looks like an image for fear of it being malicious or otherwise dangerous.

To create a QR code for signature, you first have to get one from an external source. You will be directed to the website [Location] when you click on this link.

Make the selected contact option the default and fill out required fields. QR-code-generator 6

Generating a static QR Code is as easy as 1, 2, 3. You can customize it in several ways based on your specific needs. Static-QR-Code 7

Click save as, then enter the file name for your QR code and let it export in whichever format you’d like (PNG, SVG or EPS). Save-QR-code 8

This is the end first process and then QR Codes are created. We have a big data cell which is responsible for filling up the codes with proper data as required, this step is also responsible for attaching it to your existing signature or creating a new one if there isn’t any available.

Code in your email signature?

The Signature in Outlook add-in extends the Outlook E-mail Preview by adding a QR code to the signature block of your messages. Outlook-signature-qr-code 9

This is just another example of our commitment to excellence.


Microsoft Outlook already revolutionized how people communicate by delivering cutting-edge email services that are proactive and help people take a load off, but it looks like they will go a step further with their new QR code integration.

This small but brilliant update has the potential to vastly change the way we connect and interact with the world around us. This can be done in a variety of ways.