Why Am I Getting Duplicate Sent Emails In Outlook

Why Am I Getting Duplicate Sent Emails In Outlook entries in their send box when certain contacts send the same email message to them. This suggests a technical problem with the email client itself or that the sender is intentionally sending multiple copies of the same email message,

Outlook is mostly used for sending emails. It may happen that you send a mail to someone and it gets saved in your sent items folder or possibly even twice. There are certain reasons for the duplicate emails, let’s see what those reasons are.

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Enable/Disable Duplicate Sent Items For IMAP Account In Outlook?

Here is the step-by-step guide to enable/disable save copies in the email application that comes with your iPhone.

  • Open Outlook >> Click File >> info >> Account setting >> Manage Profile


  • Mail setup dialog box appears to click the “mail accounts”.

mail accounts

  • Account Settings dialogue box,
  1. Go to the E-mail tab.
  2. Select the IMAP account that you will prevent duplicate sent emails.
  3. Click the Change button.


  • The first step we need to do is select the Manage Identities option from the left-hand side panel of the POP and IMAP account settings dialogue box.

More Settings

  • Email setting needs to be set up by going to the advanced tab and checking if “Do not save copies of sent items in Sent Items folder” is selected.


  • Upon completion of the above steps, you will come back to the Change Password box. Proceed by filling in your login details and clicking on the finalize button.

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