Why Am I Getting So Much Junk Mail In Outlook+How To Automatically Delete Spam Emails

It may be annoying to receive an onslaught of junk mail, messages with fake links or anything else that can cause you to become distracted. You really want to read important messages like an email from your client and knowing that they’re contacting you because they need something is enough to keep you ready the next time they might send one.

Who Irritating!

What are junk mails?

Unnecessary or unwanted advertisements sent to a company’s or individual’s mailbox from direct marketers who haven’t been invited or requested it. Spam is generally delivered by email but can also come in the form of text messages on your phone.

Outlook automatically deletes junk email and users can either choose to mark it as deleted or permanently delete it from their inboxes.

How to Automatically Delete Spam Emails?

You can easily adjust outlook mail settings so that you don’t have to keep junk messages in your inbox or delete them.

  • Step 1 – Open Outlook >> Click Home >> Junk >> Junk E-mail Options (Shortcut key – Alt H+J+O).

Junk E mail Options

  • Step 2 – Junk Email Options dialogue box appears >> Click options tab >> check Permanently delete

Permanently delete suspected junk email instead of moving it

  • suspected junk email instead of moving it to the Junk Email folder.
  • Step 3 – Click OK, Finally, all your recent emails stop junk mail in outlook.

How to block the Email domain in outlook?

If you block spam coming from a specific domain, then sometimes legitimate emails will also get blocked.

The good news is Outlook allows you to do that?

Here are a few step guides to follow ~

  • Step 1 – Click Home >> Junk >> Junk E-mail Options (Shortcut key – Alt H+J+O)
  • Step 2 – Select Blocked Sender Tab for blocking email outlook.

blocking email outlook

  • Step 3 – Click Add.
  • Add address or domain box appears, you can simply add an email address or server name after ‘@ sign’.

For example – [[email protected]] or [@etretail.com] or [etretail.com]

  • Step 4 – Click Ok and outlook block domain.

Important note – Be aware that if an email is sent from a sender you don’t recognize, it should be treated with a healthy dose of concern! This is where the importance of having a Spam folder comes in handy – particularly when being used in tandem with the junk mail filters. These two features can filter out unwanted emails dramatically reducing the amount of SPAM you receive which will make your life much easier!

Since one has already learned How to Export Email addresses from Outlook, one should learn how to convert the list of emails ids into the CSV format, which can be used for further purposes.

Exporting your data is a great opportunity to make things your way.

In this situation, I have filtered a list of emails because of my spam filter, but I know some are still getting through. I have three options: Unconditionally delete each one from my inbox and check it off the list, flag them for follow-up when I have time, or permanently delete them all at once without viewing any of their contents.

Simply hover over the email that appears in question to reveal a block button.

How to mark the mail as spam in outlook

Mail arrives into our inbox automatically, but in some cases, we have to select a specific sender to label their message as spam.

Simply go to your inbox, select the appropriate email and choose the proper button from your mouse.

You can block unwanted e-mails by clicking on the “Block Sender” button, or you can go to the Junk E-mail and other filters option to choose your selection.

How to get spam mail back in outlook?

Some emails are automatically placed in the Junk or Spam folder when they are received depending on how Outlook was set up. If you want to stop emails from being marked as junk/spam, there is a specific folder you need to access in order to change this setting.

Select the specific email and click the right button from your mouse >> Click Junk >> Not Junk

How To Mark Outlook Email As Not Junk

Mark as Not Junk allows you to trust the mail received from a particular recipient. Click OK if you are 100% sure that the email is not spam/junk mail.

Mark Email as Not Junk in Outlook

How to Block Emails Containing Certain Words Outlook

Outlook creates rules for spam emails containing certain words and phrases in the subject line.

If a customer has a problem and it’s not your fault, try to fix it if you can. It’ll go a long way!

But surely there are some similar points of interest like ‘certain words’.

Outlook spam filter emails containing certain words by creating a rule.

  • Step 1 – Click Home Tab >> Rules >> Manage Rules & Alerts

  • Click New rule
  • Select your email Id from apply change to this folder.
  • In the Rules Wizard >> click Apply rule on message I receive under Start from a blank rule section and then click the Next button.

  • There’s another rule wizard! Which conditions do you want to check for: [Filtering] (multiple questions)? You can select multiple options if necessary.

When it comes to a list of special words, there is a variety available.

block email outlook

Determine which class best suits your needs, and click on Next. (I will choose the word ‘cat’ as an example) Now let’s move on to the next section!

When I hit “add to email” in G Suite, my rule description is added to the subject field (see image).

  • Next, you have to mention the specific word, which outlook can read from the subject line.
  • Click Specific words specified hyperlink in Step2.
  • Search Text dialogue box popup, enter your specific words like “Guest post” and click ADD >> Click OK.

As soon as you click OK step 2 area of Rule wizard mentions your specific word in the command >> Click Next

  • The next step asks you “What do you want to do with the message”. This doesn’t need any explanation, there are multiple options again, select according to your requirement.

There are two options associated with this email: Delete or move it to a specific folder like “Spam” which will happen automatically.

  • For better understanding, I selected [move to the specific folder].

  • Next, you have to mention the specific folder, which outlook can shift in the specified subject line mail in that folder.
  • Click Specific words specified hyperlink in Step2.
  • Select the folder (or you can click new to create a specific folder >> Click OK.

As soon as you click OK step 2 area of Rule wizard mentions your specific word in the command >> Click Next.

  • Have you spotted the Rule wizard? Here’s your chance to enter some changes, if desired. The question reads, “Are there any exceptions to this rule?” You can configure however would be best in your situation.

how to block incoming emails in outlook

As there are no necessary exceptions for this Rules Wizard, you can continue with your selection as previously explained and click the Next button to proceed.

The three-step Rewrite Rule setup is summarized in the Last Step.

  • Specify the name of this rule.
  • Setup a rule option.
  • Review the rule description.

rule wizard outlook

Finally, Click Finish Button to complete.

Too much junk mail has become a real problem these days. Your rule for the ?specific? folder that you have created is not working as intended because email marketers create and send messages in bulk without having any subjects for each email.