Why Are My Emails Going To Outbox And Not Sending

Why Are My Emails Going To Outbox And Not Sending when you’re sending an email to someone and it just stays in your outbox rather than going through as a sent email.

When this issue pops, you won’t be able to send or receive any emails, buy if you restart your computer, the issue should at least be resolved temporarily until you get another message that needs to go out. In this way, the message will remain in the outbox rather than going through as a sent email.

Below are some fixes enabling you to troubleshoot and resolve the issue of emails getting stuck in Outlook’s outbox:

Why are emails stuck in Outbox?

In this article, we will learn why emails sometimes get stuck in the outbox and what to do if that happens.

Here in Outlook, there are multiple reasons and the majority of that is due to minor changes. You create an email click on send – as usual – and assume that your email has been sent to the right person only to later find out not all has gone as planned,

either when you hear back from the recipient, or when you check their inbox yourself and see that none of your messages have arrived.

  • Oversize attachment attached with the email technically unable to send the Emails, and the message gets stuck due to large attachments.
  • The server hit offline mode even if you are connected.
  • Programed to scan outgoing mails by antivirus programs.
  • Outlook SMTP server settings may be incorrect.
  • Restart Outlook.

Try re-sending

Your account must be configured in IMAP or Webmail mode to send mail and not POP3. Open Settings > Mail Setup > Click Advanced and make sure the option `Use pop/imap` is selected. Also, make sure your IP address is whitelisted so outgoing mail doesn’t trigger a spam blocker: Check my IP (by Bob Smith).

Send/Receive all folders

How to Send Email that got stuck in Outlook Outbox?

If the same problem is facing you over and over again, then perhaps you should read this article. We’ve listed the major reasons here with solutions on how to prevent this from happening in the future.

The above issues are not exactly technical but they are definitely challenging to resolve. Let’s see how we can resolve them quickly:

Outlook Is Working Offline – How to Fix

When traveling on a plane, one needs to remember while in the air there will not be internet service but luckily you can use your computer as normal.

Click the File tab. Under Info >> Switch to offline. One’s outlook can be switched from online to offline mode by clicking the File button on the top left corner of one’s Outlook and going under the Info button where one should then click “Switch to offline.”

 Work offline

IMAP error 0x800CCC0E in Outlook – How to fix?

If the error message, “Cannot Send Mail” or “Receiving Mail, Sending Disabled” appears when you try to send an email, it means your Microsoft Outlook is not connected to the Internet. In order to send and receive your mails easily and smoothly; follow the following steps/instructions carefully:


You can see at a glance whether your connection is working via the Outlook application. If it is not, use Internet Explorer to sign into your account on Hotmail.

Delay delivery in outlook for all emails’

Delay Delivery works by allowing the user to put off sending their email until a future time frame, taking into consideration that no email is sent in vain.


Under this scenario, our message will be quarantined until we have an opportunity to send it at the very next available time slot. The message will likely be sent through a drip email program that is automated to deliver emails over a designated period of time where you can schedule your messages as thoroughly or casually as you like.

The message being slowed down by a large attachment?

In Outlook, using attachment view and displaying the file sizes of attachments actually help improve your email speed. It’s wonderful to be able to see how big an attachment is before opening it!

Your email client has a pre-defined space limit which forbids you to attach some types of files. This is why you are getting the error message when attempting to attach a file to an outgoing online message.

There are two alternatives.

  • To delete an email stuck in Outbox
  • To remove/resize the attachment

To move attachment – Copy attachment, select the message and then paste it. (Bluetooth is already enabled at this stage) If you want to remove/resize attachment – copy, resize email, paste into message and resize again.

Restart Microsoft Outlook

One of the simplest, easiest, and quickest ways to release emails stuck in outbox outlook is to open the message in the Outbox with a double click. Close it again by pressing “CTRL” & “W”, then select the message and press DELETE or move it to your Drafts folder using CTRL & TAB today,

Check your fetch password

As a registered user, you will have to update your password in the “Profile” section under Settings and then click on the above link when redirected.

  • Go to File Tab >> Click Info >> Select Account setting >> Account setting

Click Info

Account settings menu appears, select your account, and click change to change the password. If a Microsoft Account is already setup use the same username and account type when entering login credentials here.

 change to change the password.

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