Why Does My Microsoft Outlook Not Find Spelling Errors? Detail Guide

Spelling errors? You’d be a little miffed, right? Asking yourself “If you’re messaging me, it’d be nice if you could at least spell my name correctly, thank you very much.” If your recipient feels this way and gives up trying to reach out, your mail has failed.

Why Does My Microsoft Outlook Not Find Spelling Errors?

The presented example clearly states a few words with wrong spelling.

Wrong Spelling

Most mouse users simply click their right button on their mouse, and the system automatically pops up words that are relevant to connect to the misspelt word you typed in. All you need to do is select whichever words that seem accurate regarding your thought.

How to Spell Check in Outlook

Once you set up spell checking in Outlook for Mac, the spell checker automatically checks documents and messages as you type.

Here are some helpful tips that will assist in improving your grammar and spelling when you use Microsoft Word.

To complete your form, go to the next step of the email wizard or hit ‘Finish’.

  • Click Review >> Spelling and Grammer

Spelling and Grammer

You can also press F7 to get directly to spell check in outlook.

press the F7

There are a number of options available in the dialogue box above.

  • Stop Once/Stop All – It’s important as a writer to know when to stop editing and sending your writing out into the world. Know when it is appropriate to say “this sentence is grammatically acceptable, I will send it out.”
  • Save in Dictionary – This option adds the word to your Outlook conversations and saves it.
  • Change/Change All – In the suggestion section of the client you get related words, suggestions are corrected by the Outlook software itself.
  • Autocorrect is similar to a change option.
  • The spell-checker will automatically default (as preferred language). You can change it to the correct spelling you desire.

After all, you can easily click the send button.

How to Turn on Spell Check in Outlook?

Click File >> Options >> Mail >> under Compose Message, select Always check spelling before sending >> click OK