Why Is Microsoft Outlook Infested With Junk Mail? Detailed Guide

Outlook is not blocking spam to the greatest extent. In addition, these are ending up with the majority of users having to cope with this problem. This happens a lot and is really irritating, it wastes time and consumes space unnecessarily on one’s Outlook account.

Why Is Microsoft Outlook Infested With Junk Mail?

In this article, we’ll talk about why you are getting so much spam all of a sudden, and how to stop email spoofing.

Why Do I Get Spam Emails?

spam icon outlookHow are spammers getting all your email addresses? Spammers get their hands on our email addresses when they send us “spam”, particularly those deceptive emails we might sometimes fall for such as the attractive appealing “special offer” that arrives in our inbox.

Sometimes you even respond to these types of spam emails, either by replying to one or providing your address on a different website that has nothing to do with the site where you came along it and which you thought would be reputable enough not to send spam.

Over time, an email sender might get on your bad side and give you some grief. Sour relationships with senders should be handled with care.

You must first unblock them to open communications and remove yourself from the black list. If that doesn’t work, remember to remove yourselves from their blacklist after immediately unsubscribing or archiving unnecessary emails you no longer need in your inbox. Don’t forget to block any unwanted senders immediately to avoid further damage.

The main reason behind spamming is database websites like yahoo, Rediff, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter that hold every email address obtained through healthy user engagement.

In the past few years, data stored in databases has become an appealing target for clever spammers. They hack these databases to steal valuable information and send spam emails to users.

What Is a Spam Filter and How Does It Work in Outlook?

Spam filters are applied like span filters to wipe out unwanted email and block the dissemination of harmful email which consists of spam. Spam filters can be applied inbound to prevent incoming email that is considered harmful from infecting your network or for an outbound email to keep business information confidential.

Why is spam filtering important?

Span Filter solves a common problem of unwanted email. It ensures that relevant, important emails are dealt with while any undesirable content is simply left out.

You can use the spam blocking feature of your business email system to prevent spam messages from getting into your inbox, however, no system is completely effective. There are numerous benefits to turning this feature on.

How to create a spam filter in Outlook

Block unwanted junk emails in Outlook is just a few simple steps away! Not only do they take up valuable time by clogging your inbox, but these emails also create security risks for your network by possibly containing malware or malicious links.

Step by Step instruction to block specific email id:

In order to prevent emails from a certain sender from both showings in your inbox as well as appearing in your junk folder, here’s what you have to do: right-click the email received in Outlook > Block this user.

Block sender oultook

  • Right-click on selected email >> Click Junk >> Click Block Sender – That way you directly block the sender (Spammer) from your email.

How to Unblock Email in Outlook

Sometimes you might accidentally block your boss’s email address. It’s a simple thing to do, but luckily it’s also an easy thing to fix – as long as it wasn’t intentional (that would be less favourable).

  • Click Junk icon from the home tab delete section >> Julk Icon >> Click Junk E-mail Option.
 You can try keyboard shortcut click (alt) on the bottom of your keyboard >> Click H >> Click J >> Click O 
  • Click Blocked senders on the top of the popup.
  • Select the specific email from the list of blocked emails and click remove from the list and OK.

junk email option

Setup Spammer email list

SO many emails come in through Outlook that you sometimes know who the sender is without even looking at the name. Outlook also has a nifty feature where users can block certain IDs from ever reaching their inbox. So if you get many emails from just one source, it might be helpful to set it up so those emails go straight to junk.

  • Click to home tab >> Julk icon
  • Junk email option pop up appears >> Click to block senders >> Click ADD

create block email-list outlook

Double opt-in is the primary requirement for receiving newsletters. Whenever you click on ‘Add new address or domain,’ the entry popup asks you to enter your email id or domain.

As a result of this specific tracking system, some junk mail may still get through to your inbox even when you have previously blocked a sender.

The main reason is spammers used to change the address on a regular basis. It is recommended to enter this one “all-inclusive” email address: *@*.com into the Blocked Sender’s List.

This clever technique will help you to block emails that are still getting through Outlook. Also if you want to use this for your work as a job so this is helpful for the people who use your company’s email service.

How to use Message Rules in Outlook to filter out spam?

In the past, many companies have suffered from the potential for viruses and spam to infiltrate the users’ email. These events used to create a complicated situation whereby Internet Service Providers were bound by law to limit the data flow of domain servers.

This gave rise to various problems among IT departments with regard to mail access and even finalizing transactions manually. The concept behind Outlook is interesting because it allows users to create rules that serve as an effective spam filter while also managing emails in an organized manner, hence we would provide our opinion on this subject below.

Step by Step guide how to create rules to filter spam in outlook –

  • Click Home >> Rules >> Create Rule.
  • The dialogue box appears Outlook asks: When I get an email with the selected conditions (From, Subject, Sent To)
  • DO THE FOLLOWING: Display in New Item Alert Window, Play Selected Sound, or Move Item to Folder.

create rule dialog box outlook

There are multiple options to select from and you have the freedom to make changes according to your needs.

Spam filter not working outlook

After all of your hard work adjusting and optimizing your email spam filtering settings, you still might get some junk mails in your inbox, which is technically known as ‘Spam filter not working.

Under the General tab in Settings, your ‘Junk email’ protection is on but you have not taken the time to change its protection level.

You can adjust your spam-mail protection settings, and spam filters evaluate new messages using a variety of factors.

junk email options