Why Microsoft Outlook Not Receiving Emails But Can Send – Guide

Why Microsoft Outlook Not Receiving Emails But Can Send, Microsoft Outlook is both ways messaging, but not always. In some cases when a user tries to use the application, they may have trouble receiving and sending emails because of unavailability of server which results in irritation among the users.

There are many reasons why Outlook Not Receiving Emails, but can send. When your computer is set up like this, it means you are either blocking it, or it is not configured properly. But it is not always an issue that you have to do it yourself.

Usually, the issue is because of your email provider’s technical support engineers who could look into the matter with you on call if all else fails.

Microsoft Outlook not receiving emails but can send

Outlook has solutions for every problem. To find the best solution, we suggest you consider some or all of these solutions:

  • Spam filters cause hurdles at the entry point of your incoming mails. Sometimes you will get your mails in the spam or trash folder.
  • Empty with your outlook Email server space quota. The majority of users face the same problem. (Empty or transfer old or heavy attachment files from your inbox).
  • Incorrect POP or IMAP server setting in case of Microsoft outlook.
  • Extension or addon on your web browser causes fetching a new email to your outlook server.
  • By mistake, the sender sometimes blocked your outlook.

Email Over Quota Outlook [Remove Unwanted Emails]

The most likely causes for this include email quota problems pertaining to your additional mail accounts from which you’ve sent emails out, by way of the personal email address you maintain with email provider of Gmail and other free webmail providers like Yahoo! Mail.

When I paid my health insurance premium, something unexpected happened. The payment never went through. A refund was issued instead, but I didn’t get the email with my new policy number and PIN.

I contacted my insurance company and they double-checked the records. They confirmed that a copy of the payment receipt was sent to my registered email address.

After investigation, I find out that not only the insurance company email, but also all my personal emails are not working. It turns out I have exceeded my quota and need to upgrade my space.

Check Outlook Internet Connection [Work Offline]

Any Technological problem that occurs on a computer will start by checking the Internet connection. Most of the time, majority of users aren’t able to determine whether or not their computer is connected to the Internet or if there are problems with it.

However, before you start your system make sure Internet Explorer is open. After turning on your PC, verify that Outlook is working by going to the File Exploring tab and clicking Email.

For this step it’s vital to make sure the Work Offline option is unchecked otherwise you won’t be able to view any of the messages contained within the Inbox folder.

work-offile 1

If you’re having a problem connecting your computer to the internet, you can restart your computer and make sure it is connected to a stable connection. If this doesn’t work, then consult the router’s manual or manufacturers website for advice on the matter

connected-to-microsoft-exchange-300x29 2

Check Email forwarding using Rule

Outlook rule enables you to forward your email, in case you are not getting any messages from your inbox and would rather access them from the Filed view, please check the folder that you’ve selected to send emails to by default. You can disable this option if you do not wish to receive forwarded messages at all.

Check Out Focused Inbox

Focused and Other Inbox in Outlook are two separate inboxes that process your incoming email according to its importance, focusing on the important ones and avoiding clutter.

Sometimes, an email you’re expecting due to the importance of would end up being placed in another folder. be sure to double check all your folders.

You can move emails from one of your folders to the focused inbox that is used to make sure emails land right in front of you.

Filter and Sorting Feature

The sorting and filtering feature organize the list of emails in a folder or inbox according to your requirements, such as alphabetically, by date, from specific people, or arranged by size.

Sometimes you’ve got too many filters configured and yet none of them are right for the job, resulting in you not seeing that important email. For example, a certain phrase may have been put into safelist or blacklist and so as a result you didn’t see that vital email.

Filter-and-Sorting-Feature-223x300 4

Auto-Refresh Feature

Outlook allows you to update your email data without reloading the entire folder. By default, this feature is enabled, but if there’s a delay in email updates appearing in your inbox, go to [Tools -> Options-> Mail -> Send/Receive -> Auto Update] and set it up for the time you need.

You can schedule your e-mail delivery to go as frequently as every five minutes by going to Mailbox >> Settings & Configurations >> Define Send/Receive Groups and ticking the box that says ‘Schedule an automatic send/receive every’ with a frequency of at least 5 minutes.

Auto-Refresh-Feature 5

Junk E-Mail Protection Filter

The Junk E-mail Protection filter is an option which will help you fight spam emails.

Activating a hard filter sometimes blocks incoming email messages, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to miss out on important information. To fix this issue, follow the below steps:

Click Home Tab>> Click under delete subsection >> Click Junk Email Options.how-do-i-fix-outlook-not-receiving-emails 6

  • A separate popup appears you can adjust the filtration level high to low outlook-not-receiving-emails 7
  • I recommend keeping it low and clicking ok.


If the above solutions are no longer available or you’re having trouble with Outlook setup, then it might be time to uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Outlook. This should resolve any corrupted files or issues that might cause the program to malfunction.

What will you do when you accidentally tap your iPhone and email stops working, not responding with its default mail? The first thing is to restart your email.

This may solve the problem easily. Why Microsoft Outlook Not Receiving Emails But Can Send Or if not, open their outlook profile by tapping on their search bar and then select the profile for which your iPhone is configured for emails.

Above are some good tips that may help you resolve your issue. One solution would be to try uninstalling your antivirus software and then run the Outlook application afterwards.

If you can’t remove your antivirus software altogether another trick worth trying is to exclude the Outlook application from being scanned by your antivirus program permanently.