Why Use Outlook? – 8 Proven Disclosers

Outlook is a great tool that can be used to consolidate all email accounts from many different providers into one inbox.

The program works with professional and personal communication in mind, making it ideal for helping team members collaborate within Office365 or on individual projects.

Microsoft Outlook is unique, since it contains different features that the users can’t find readily available in other email service providers.

I personally use Microsoft Outlook and I also use it to write my blog posts from time-to-time. I have included a few reasons why I am so inspired by it.

Outlook calendar event reminder

Upcoming or unforgettable special events always calls for attention, some are unavoidable as they happen to be memorable while others require input and reminders on your Outlook calendar event feature.

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Discloser: I personally use Outlook calendar event reminders for my rent payment.

24X7 Access even Offline

Microsoft Outlook is a fantastic email management tool which allows you to access all of your emails offline and then send them easily once the connection re-establishes.

This ensures that you still get your emails out even in those places where there might be no internet connection available.

When you’re traveling, or if your internet connection is spotty, you can still take care of business.

Discloser: Worked as Purchase manager, I Use to send inquiry emails even offline, and those emails send when the Internet connection is re-established.

Organize Smartly

Normally, inboxes are organized based on whether or not messages can be grouped together in a single folder based on specific information about the message (such as “from” or “to”) or related to specific email addresses that appears in the message itself using Outlook rules.

Discloser: I arrange Bank Folder just like that, all email messages received from Bank are automatically transferred, for instance: account statements.

Find Email (Numerous methods)

Finding your buried mail in Outlook can be tedious and frustrating, especially since unread messages appear first by default. The Search Criteria tab in an Outlook email window is filled with helpful tools that allow us to search for emails easily.

Disclosure: I personally use a short feature with size to remove unwanted emails from my inbox to generate and create space into my inbox.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Quick performance

Microsoft outlook shortcut key codes make controlling all features easy because the user can get what they want by using the alt key from their keyboard. The alphabetical order in the PDF below illustrates all of the shortcut codes (available in a complete list below):

Multiple Email Platform Outlook

Many users often use multiple email accounts, personal, official and corporate, not limited to a single account in Outlook.

Every account (including POP3, IMAP, Exchange) can live together and eliminate the hustle of juggling various email messages from various accounts at one place without any hassle for users.

Autofill and Quick Parts

Outlook is also special in that you can create a group address to receive emails. This function is perfect if all of your contacts have a similar name.

And while we’re speaking of composing emails, are you familiar with Quick Parts? These are pre-designed Microsoft templates that allow you to draft your email quickly.

Disclosure: I personally use Quick parts to create emails having almost similar content except for a few numeric figures, which I manually enter. It saves my time and effort.

Dealy Delivery

Outlook web-based service allows you to schedule a delayed mail delivery so that regardless of whether you’re logged in or not, the emails will be delivered once they’ve arranged a suitable delivery time.

In case Gmail or other email service provide operated from Outlook 365 only deliver till the user is online.

Disclosure: I use this feature to mail somebody like a wishing birthday note, or anniversary which is required to deliver at a specific time.

There are simply too many features to list out in detail here there is a big, long list of things that we love about our favorite books. In fact, we could mention so many great features that it will be difficult just to pick a few! I have listed my personal top features below.

I strongly recommend trying these features out for yourself at least once and sharing your experience with the rest of us because we’d like to know what you think.