Best Balance Beam For Kids in 2022 – Review And Buying Guide

Best Balance Beam For Kids, If you happen to be a parent who is raising a gymnast and you’re looking for some good, healthy exercise options for your kids, you are in luck.

Balance beams for kids can be found at nearly any sporting goods store that offers gymnastics equipment.

Gymnasts usually learn balance beam first because it requires the proper technique due to being relatively less physically challenging compared to the others.

The balance beam event is one of the most difficult events for any gymnast to master; however, by teaching them this skill now instead of later on when.

They’ve mastered the more intensive elements of gymnastics such as difficulty levels or even flying, they’ll have an easier time leading up to this event during competition time since their body is still flexible enough.

What to consider and how to choose the best balance beams for training

When deciding which balance beam to order for your gymnastics activities, there are a few considerations that should be made.

Firstly, you need to consider the different weights and height of gymnasts who may be using it.

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Secondly, you want to make sure it will hold up against impacts during activity, so it is best to either buy one that’s all metal or reinforced material.

  • Length
  • Width
  • Material
  • Color

However, the most important factor is whether or not the beam sits on the ground or off.

We’re going to be discussing two different balance beam types in this review and we’ve assessed each one to see if it would be better for novice, intermediate or advanced level gymnasts.

On-Ground Balance Beams

The best way to get better at balance beams is by practicing your footwork and overall agility.

As any professional athlete will tell you, practice makes perfect and it’ll certainly help you be the best sportier you can be for whatever event or competition you’re participating in.

Professional athletes invest a lot of money into their equipment: finding balance beams that provide adequate support are as important as mimicking real-life situations so they can train effectively.

The average width of a balance beam on our playground equipment is around four inches. It will be made out of a soft, spongy type foamy material that measures roughly two inches in thickness.

The easiest way to practice is by getting some cheap wood beams from a hardware store and putting them where you can see them as you go about your day to day life. Best Balance Beam For Kids Looking at them every now and then will also really help keep you motivated.

Off-Ground Balance Beams

These balance beams are at 2 inches tall so it feels like you’re walking on air without the risk of breaking bones.

We call them ‘intermediate’ level because they’re awesome for practicing tumbling skills, cartwheels and walkovers. They’ll make you look like you’ve been doing floor routines forever.

Unlike beams at the beginner level, the core of advanced training beams is usually made from wood, typically around four inches wide and four inches tall.

Advanced Height Balance Beams

This one off-ground beam product is similar to the intermediate level however it is normally raised to 24″ by sturdy steel legs.

Chairs can be made with ring pulls and details that normally come in wood, padded, and covered in suede.

At 24 inches tall, these beams are sturdy and ready to use for core strength exercises! You can also adjust them down to a lower height so your little gymnast can have fun practicing cartwheels and handstands.

The Best Balance Beams for home use of 2021

1.    Milliard 8ft Adjustable Balance BeamMilliard 8ft Adjustable

Milliard is a well-respected manufacturer of gymnastics equipment. Our previous review covered their 9.5ft floor beam , a high tier option for gyms and those who want an extremely safe environment to work out in.

Here we now have something more advanced, the adjustable balance beam, which has two different height options at 20″ and 22″, making it more suitable for home installations versus commercial use in gyms where taller levels are required under safety regulations due to reduced space.

This is an excellent product for those who are passionate about their moves and are eager to improve their skills quickly while on the go.

Perfect for families with children at different levels, this beam augments comfort in such a way as to accommodate different stages of ability.

This is a product, great for all levels of experience. Best Balance Beam For Kids Whether you are a beginner who wants to get good at moves quickly or if it’s grown men who love to do beams and want one beam that can accommodate different skill and strength levels.


  • Sturdy wooden gymnastics core with strong steel beams
  • Comfy for many hours of practice for any activities
  • Adjustable levels for easy progression


  • It is recommended to shop a mat when using a high balance beam at home

2.    Milliard 9.5ft On-Ground Balance BeamMilliard 9.5ft

This polished gymnastics ground beam is the perfect quality piece of gymnastic equipment for inexperienced athletes or children looking to practice at home, safely and with greater precision.

Despite being a ground beam, this is also an excellent tool for upper level skill training and coordination.

The beam is a perfect place to practice cartwheels, front-walling, handstands, and other similar types of moves.

Milliard has a 9.5-foot floor beam length with a 6-inch bottom size that is designed to keep the beam grounded and stable.

The 2.2-inch height of the floor beam is the ideal height for most individual’s needs however it can be cut shorter if needed which is convenient in case you need multiple shorter beams for any job you are doing either permanent or for hire.


  • No weight limit
  • Moderate price
  • Easily can be folded away and transported


  • The size can cause slight damages during delivery

3.    Juperbsky 4ft Balance BeamJuperbsky 4ft

Available in 4 ft and 10 ft lengths, this balance beam for home use is great for beginners, whether they’re just learning to take an interest in gymnastics or are youngsters trying out new poses and techniques as a hobby.

Gymnasts have always been very flexible and now you can be too with the help of this balance beam.

These beams are made out of plastic and are waterproof which means they can be used outdoors if that’s more convenient for you.

One issue to keep in mind is that these balance beams may seem a bit sticky at first, Best Balance Beam For Kids but wearing a pair ballet slippers will make it much easier to perform your tricks.


  • Non-slip fabric
  • Gentle material, great for beginners, children
  • Easy cleaning


  • Can be too soft for an older child, doesn’t have the feel of a professional balance beam

4. We Sell Mats 9 ft Folding Foam Balance Beam BarWe Sell Mats 9 ft

These off-ground style gym balance beams are perfect for gymnasts who train at home, without risking major injury on a traditional beam without supervision.

The beam is eight feet long and four inches wide, Best Balance Beam For Kids which is the perfect size for practicing a plethora of tricks; it also gives you room to have fun without frustrating yourself.

It’s made from solid wood with non-slip feet that won’t move no matter what your weight, which allows you to focus on your game.

Due to this being a balance beam for intermediate gymnastics levels, it can’t be folded away for easy storage. It’s semi-solid and stays attached to the feet.


  • Easy to set-up
  • Smart foldable design
  • Products available in many different colors


  • Move and shift, so needs a floor mat to use
  • Very soft, for small kids

5. Pre Gymnastic Adjustable Balance BeamPreGymnastic Adjustable

Max-Kare has created a new kind of balance beam which is easier to transport than most of the beams you see today. The material is high density EVA foam that gives a durable suede texture.

It’s 9ft in length with 3 attractive colors: purple, pink and brown! This kind of beam is commonly used for acrobatic athletics because of its functionality and non-bulky size.

The real benefit of this beginner on-floor beam is that its bottom won’t scratch or mar your hardwood type floors.

It’s also got a non-slip grip, making it suitable for use on many different types of flooring as long as they are hard and smooth, such as laminate or tile.


  • Great padding
  • Non-slip sole
  • Rainbow color


  • Metal filings

6. Springee 8ft Adjustable Balance BeamSpringee 8ft

Yet another balance beam product that is particularly outstanding is the adjust-It beam.

The beam can be adjusted from 7” to 24” in height, Best Balance Beam For Kids making this level spring floor the right choice for those gymnasts who are ready to take their skills to the next level.

One advantage of buying a beam through this company includes their 2-year warranty.


  • Sturdy, steel legs
  • Professional beam, suede-covered wood


  • It is recommended that you also purchase mats when practicing a high bar at home

7. FBSPORT 8ft/9ft/10ft Balance BeamFBSPORT 8ft 9ft 10ft

Here’s a great home gymnastics mat that is available in a neutral tan color and measures 5ft wide by 3ft long.

The safe EVA foam padding is extremely sturdy and doesn’t flex under up to 160lbs of weight, making it perfect for practicing back handsprings.

The sturdy foam details help give it a feeling of more stability, while they are still soft enough to make it great for newer users who are just beginning to get the hang of their advanced moves so that you can practice them.

The beam is designed for maintaining balance and firm posture. The frame is made of an acrylic material, which maintains the balance platform at a firm height level.


  • A lot of colors
  • Feels like an off-ground beam


  • Low quality of the storage bag
  • Soft for 6+ years kids

8. Tumbl Trak 4ft Sectional Gymnastics Training BeamTumbl Trak 4ft

This sectional floor beam by Tumbl Trak is one of many available with all materials necessary for either a small space, or to create a longer length for your project.

One essential feature of this balance beam is its versatility, it can be used on a gymnastics mat to practice cartwheels, or used as p-bars to practice handstands.


  • Affordable for the quality
  • Lightweight and great for travel and storage


  • Older children or more advanced gymnasts will need at least 2 for practicing

9. Tumbl Trak Brianna Balance beamTumbl Trak Brianna

This wooden beam home bed is a truly beneficial time killer, whether you’re one of the most talented gymnasts or just a beginner.

We recommend that your practice with anyone off-ground balance beam equipment for homes in order to get better at gymnastic tricks in the air.

You can buy this product from Amazon today, but hold on there.

It’s not yet summer and we want to tell you about some anti-gravity products that could help keep you safe during your practice.

If you’re going to be performing near stairs, balconies or any other steep drop-offs around your house over the next few weeks so be sure to get it before then.

The beam is an average length of 8 feet, 6 inches high. This means gymnasts at any level can use it. (Notice the synonymous Matching Transitions and Sentence/Phrase Reorganization).


  • Great for practicing for a competition
  • Amazing professional quality and manufacturing


  • Some may find this too short for extended routines

10. The Beam Store 8′ Suede Balance BeamThe Beam Store 8′

This beam is 8 feet long and 4 inches broad with a 7-inch high beam surface area.

Because the beam of this product isn’t very tall, it means that stability is good and it won’t rock back and forth while you’re using it.

(I haven’t researched this brand so I can’t say whether or not they have an affiliate account on a popular writing platform).

It is made out of solid wood, covered in suede cloth which ensures that your feet will stay firmly planted without the risk of slipping.

There are 7 shades to choose from including tan, grey, leopard print, and purple – there is something for everyone.


  • Shipping all around the world
  • Excellent quality


  • There is no such cons to consider


Thank you for taking the time to read our review of the top ranked balance beams that will blow your socks off and enlighten you with interesting facts you maybe never knew before.

We hope we have helped make a decision on what item(s) is/are right for you so as to bring joy to your heart and home.

We hope you find this guide helpful; although, Best Balance Beam For Kids we do not take any responsibility for how it may impact or alter your body.