Best CrossFit Hand Grips to Buy in 2022 – Review And Buying Guide

Best CrossFit Hand Grips to Buy, CrossFit is like an octopus with its many arms: some work really well, while others are a bit too tricky to pick up.

Every top athlete has the same secret – whether they’re playing football, soccer, basketball or baseball – they wear cleats. Cleats provide more traction than regular trainers, meaning any sportsman is able to have a better grip on the equipment necessary for their sport.

The right pair of cross-trainers makes all the difference during your workout session and Reebok’s Nano shoe line is an excellent example of how important it is for both casual athletes and seasoned professionals to wear footwear that give them greater support when it comes to running and other equipment needed for cardiovascular exercise.

Hand grip is another great example. You have to ensure that your hands are in good condition while out at the rig, on stage, or working at any other obstacle you may randomly come across.

You need these grips to keep your hands safe – and even then, it’s a struggle! Our website offers 8 different hand & finger protectors for dirt bike riders, rock climbers , weightlifters, fitness enthusiasts and more.

Today, we are going to go through what you should be looking for in a CrossFit hand-grip and why the Strong Grips, Black is the best.

Best CrossFit Hand Grips to Buy in 2022

A hand protector is supposed to protect your hands from everything that will cause you skin tears and blisters – for example, cutting yourself on the carpet or scratching your hands with a nail clipper.

We all know how much of a huge problem even little cuts on your fingers can become as they heal. There’s no way you’re going to be able to do pull-ups, deadlifts, snatches etc. if your palms are torn.

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Durability and protection from your training will always be a priority, Best CrossFit Hand Grips to Buy but you don’t want an overly bulky weight belt to weigh you down during functional movements that stray beyond CrossFit.

That’s why it’s wise to invest in a hand grip that can keep up with your lifestyle instead – one that’s built specifically for the variety of activities required outside of your standard CrossFit regimen.

There are many aspects to consider when choosing the right material for your gloves, not just practicality but durability, efficiency and how they hold up over time.

Reviews will be sure to tell you if a glove is comfortable and high quality as well as compatible with your devices while still working well.

A lot of reviews are available online from reputable sources so take time to look into the options that would be best for you.

1.    Bear KompleX Hand GripsBear KompleX

Among Bear KompleX’s most excellent and unique features is that it has two available selections of grip styles. Its “large” size features a 2-hole system and its “small” size features a 3-hole option.

Each design allows golfers to choose between a more traditional approach as well as one that provides for increased flexibility of the club in hand.

This construction detail makes these durable, resilient, and sturdy grips uniquely stand out among competitors on the market.

The leather design is great since it pays close attention to the proportions required for a strong grip that can handle the test of time.

Leather grips are perfect for both powerlifters and weightlifters because they suit different types of situations and they’re not so slippery that you might lose your grip.

The design of the wrist wraparound specifically aims to provide strength and durability, while at the same time avoiding any barriers to wrist mobility.

This means that you’re going to get full movement in the wrist for workouts such as weightlifting, strength training exercises, kettlebells, dumbbells, or wall or whatever else is in your WOD.

The quality of the stitching is an overlooked but essential part of a good grip.

The Bear KompleX grips have three layers of stitching that forms a cross-hatched pattern to ensure durability and prevent the appearance of loose threads during exercise.

Most users find them to be comfortable, but there are some who find that these leather straps cause initial discomfort, especially for new users.

If this is the case, it may be because leather requires breaking in, and you’ll need to allow yourself time to become used to these fitness grips if they are your first pair.

To get around this dilemma, try soaking your hand grips in warm water so they become softer and more flexible and continue using them until they fit you perfectly.


  • Durable leather grips
  • Well-secured stress points
  • Great long-term choice


  • Leather requires serious breaking-in
  • Can be uncomfortable for the first few uses

2.    Pro Fitness Leather Cross Training GripsProFitness Leather CrossTraining

We’re excited to introduce a new grip line, the Pro Fitness. We design this product at half-suede and half-leather so it’s extra soft and provides a very sturdy, yet flexible design that grips to your skin without binding while not requiring quite as much breaking in time as other full-leather ergonomic grips on the market.

The Pro Fitness is also available in 2-hole or 3-hole versions.

This design is likely to provide a slightly less durable grip than modeling your hands with 100% leather (ex-ray) gloves would.

This is due in part because the material was designed to be more flexible.

Therefore, the user of this product will experience the development of blisters and tears a little bit quicker due to the level of flexibility that they’ve been given by choice.

Even if the product is broken after a few years, it will still come with a lifetime warranty.

This means that when something does go wrong with your pair(s) of earphones in future, you can avail of another free pair courtesy of the manufacturer.

This provides added-value and gives established assurance that should problems arise in the future, we can rest easy knowing that any issue(s) will be fixed in due time without having to worry about incurring any more costs.

Negative reviews on this product are hard to show, and mostly only come from people who bought the wrong size.

Make sure you double-check the size guide and if possible you can also ask around or use previous customers’ feedback. You need to get your measurements right so as not to run into problems.


  • Durable leather grips
  • Flexible but strong and textured
  • Well-secured stress points
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Occasional problems with fit – double-check your sizing!

3.    Jerk Fit WO Dies Full Palm Protection GripsJerkFit WODies

WO Dies might not be as long lasting as other products on this list but they do have their own perks.

They’re synthetic/neoprene products which means you don’t have to worry about them tearing, being worn out after washing or if they will last you forever.

Wo dies offer a more comfortable alternative that feel less harsh than some of the other products on this list – prove them wrong and try them out for yourself by grabbing a pair today.

The first thing that strikes us about these grips is the loss of wrist support. Best CrossFit Hand Grips to Buy This might seem like a great idea, but it is certainly going to be a problem for any weightlifting movements.

Blocking wrist movement will risk injury and may damage technique. It is not optional to have grip and wrist support when lifting a heavy weight for example.

Last, but not least, we have a pair of grips from Harbinger.

They are wider than the Iron Bull Models that we just saw – which makes them perfect for pull-ups and dips – but, on the other hand, less versatile: they won’t cover your wrist during movements like shoulders presses or thrusters.

The build-quality on some of the products also raises red flags. The lightweight neoprene-elastomer material may be flexible and soft but it is unlikely to last as long as something made from suede or leather.

It looks like a woven knit material which makes each glove more likely to get damaged because even if you take good care of them there’s little protection for the hands.

The experts at the headquarters had some complaints about the product’s build-quality and though they were generally happy with its design, there wasn’t enough grip on the rubberized gadget.


  • Wash/dryer friendly


  • Wrist support impedes movement
  • Reviews suggest it makes the grip worse
  • Grip susceptible to tearing/deterioration

4.    Aeolos Leather Gymnastic Hand GripsAeolos Leather Gymnastic

The Aeolos grips are made up of leather, we are not sure if it is genuine or faux leather. Either way we don’t believe that this design is made to be used on a camera.

The top of the product seems to have a material that you would see on office furniture or a sofa.

Under normal circumstances, customers don’t use their cameras like they would office furniture so it makes even less sense as to why this product has been designed like this.

The Aeolos wrist strap is defective in the same way that the Jerk Fit strap was.

It restricts a proper range of motion in weightlifting, training for muscle-ups, as well as most likely for rope climbs and other movements found in CrossFit which require proper mobility of the wrist and hand to be done well.

Although there are many benefits to this type of connected product, Best CrossFit Hand Grips to Buy we have identified the following as key disadvantages that outweigh these advantages:

  • The wrist support and hand-grip are connected which means you can’t move them independently
  • The wrist support doesn’t support the wrist – especially when sizing issues are considered

If you’re thinking about how this is going to be a big challenge, think about wearing a watch that’s strapped tight on your wrist when doing any kind of physical activity.

This is the kind of feeling you might have thought when using a grip like the one above while weightlifting or jumping rope around. Both exercises are likely uncomfortable, injurious, and definitely not helpful.

If you were to only use it for a few reasons, you’re going to have to take it off/put it on during a workout.

Those are precious seconds added to your time and any serious Cross Fitter would know that can make the difference between success and failure. This is reason enough for you to look elsewhere for something that suits your situation better.


  • Cheap


  • Wrist support does more harm than good
  • Hard to use
  • Will slow you down

5.    WOD Fitters Textured Leather Hand GripsWOD Fitters Textured

These are leather products too, but they’re actually more durable because the texture and design helps them maintain their quality over time.

The grips themselves bring back memories of bygone eras where gymnastics was a much-loved educationally-based sport, which helps us stay confident that we’ll have ourselves a solid foundation even as we move forward with our business endeavors.

The stitching on the outer layer is like a vibrant, roaring flame, and the inner layer is soft to touch.

These are a few of the reasons as to why these gloves have become very popular recently among many baseball players, who marvel at their unmatched durability and sturdiness.

There are many great features of the WOD fitters product, but there is one main problem that has been noted by some consumers who have reviewed the product.

The wrist strap is a synthetic fabric, which makes it easy for the material to fray.

This works against the WOD fitters design as it defeats its very purpose; you require a sturdy and reliable anchor point or you would not be able to grip anything properly.

This product is pretty good, but you should consider revising the design. For one thing, cuffing together your wrists for an entire month isn’t exactly a long-term health choice.

The device may also cause problems for your fingertips if used for more than a week or so. Best CrossFit Hand Grips to Buy It’s generally safe to say that you can wear this product for around six days with no noticeable side effects.

This model is good for beginners, but you’ll need to be wary of the strap buckles. It would have been a better product if they were safer!


  • Durable leather grips
  • Great texture for better grip on the bar
  • Great long-term leather build


  • Strap has so many manufacturing problems that the product is almost useless after a few uses

6.    WOD Nation Hand GripsWOD Nation

These hand-grips are used to make your grip stronger.

If you saw the huge metal band that goes through the middle of the WOD Fitters’ hand-grips, you’ll be relieved to know that these grips provide a more comfortable, soft-leather grip with a durable nylon strap.

The leather itself is soft, coarse and flexible. This might raise some concerns for the product’s longevity – as it’s likely to lose surface mass over time – but it means a good balance between texture, durability and flexibility.

In short, this wallet is probably off to a good start even though it doesn’t promise a lifetime of use.

The first, consistent issue with these fingerless gloves is the size of the finger holes . It’s not just that they are big , but rather big in a way that compromises their ability to protect the base of one’s fingers from getting torn up or calloused.

  • Color often transfers from the grip to the hand
  • The grip is prone to bunching up and tearing the palms of the hands (the exact thing you’re trying to avoid)
  • There is no return policy for certain territories, and customer service is unreliable at best
  • Construction quality is poor, the leather grip size/thickness is unreliable and can cause problems to the hand
  • Stretching of the leather portion of the grip
  • Strap materials are often too slick and make the grips unusable as they slide around on the wrist (or, when tightened further, cut into the wrist)

In the end, these grips are worth avoiding for their inconsistencies. More than one-fifth customers have a poor experience with these grips and have almost no recourse to make a refund or a return if they want to.

This is a risk that really isn’t worth taking when there are alternatives on the market.


  • Nothing worth noting


  • Wrist strap is more of a problem than a benefit
  • The build quality is awful
  • Inconsistent sizing’s/thickness/build
  • Doesn’t protect the hands – actually increases grip/tearing problems
  • More than 1 in 5 customers complain about this product.

7.    Pheral FitPheral Fit

Pheral Fit is a leather palm that has been specifically designed to protect your hands while in the midst of CrossFit and other contact sport practices.

The grip on this glove allows you to hold onto objects better and it’s also tough enough to protect your hands from most minor injuries during intense workouts.

You can beat up on them as much as you want, Best CrossFit Hand Grips to Buy but if Pheral Fit can take what you can dish out, so can your hands – for weeks at a time.

The balance of smooth and ruggedized leather means you will not only be grip on the bar when performing your bench presses but are also not restricted in any way.

This means plenty of free movement in the hand, while at the same time ensuring your hands aren’t going to get sweaty or too slippery.

The main problem we’ve seen with these grips is a lack of responsiveness, which is related to their high volume outputs.

This can be tricky for athletes that have large hands as the grippy nature of these bars in particular may not lend well to those who don’t have smaller and more delicate hands.

The build-quality of these gloves makes them difficult to use for some athletes, who have noticed that the leather is stretched or deformed.

Although they aren’t in as bad a condition as other leather grips, they’re likely to bunch up in the hand and create further damage to an already injured body part. Overall, they are struggling with a quality issue.


  • Breathable
  • Double-edged design for durability and flexibility


  • Unreliable sizing guide
  • Not suitable for high-volume gymnastics or weightlifting
  • Serious build-quality problems


If we had to pick a favorite between all of the different products on our list, Best CrossFit Hand Grips to Buy the one that stands out above the rest in terms of features and specs is Pro Fitness Pro Exercise Hand Grip Strengthener.

There are many reasons these are by far the best grips on our list – firstly because they’re specifically designed for fitness fans and athletes so they’ll never disappoint in terms of ultimate quality and durability; secondly, there’s a lifetime warranty ensuring that any faulty devices will be promptly replaced.

The value of a lifetime warranty on this product cannot be overstated. There’s no way to get better value for money than a lifetime warranty.

This type of kit will break eventually and the opportunity to get another pair when this happens is absolutely amazing.

It’s one of a kind and so much better than all the other assurance you can get because the quality is guaranteed.

Bear KompleX sleeves – From our point of view, these are the ultimate running sleeve for anyone wanting something simple and durable.

If you’re not necessarily looking for a neon colored sleeve that is just as likely to get noticed by a shark in the water as it would be by a parent at a busy playground, this is definitely an option worth checking out.