Best Kneeboards for Beginners in 2022 – Review & Guide

Best Kneeboards for Beginners, Looking to get started in knee boarding?

What a great decision you’ve made, and we are so happy that you stopped by! When it comes to watersports gear, it can be challenging to figure out which equipment is right for you – especially if this is your first time.

We’re here to help you make an educated choice. Many beginning kneeboarders love attaching accessories such as fins or glove pouches onto their board because they want to show off their skills and personalized preferences as they shred through the water.

Whether you are looking for a new winged kneeboard or a touring kneeboard, Kneeboard store has everything you need.

There are many factors to account for when making decisions; several methods and techniques must be ironed out before final conclusions are reached.

Ultimately, learning how to effectively balance your way through these choices while remaining the buoyant up is a process that requires you to do more sailing than sinking.

After surfacing the above factors, we realized that the next step was to conduct research on each of these dimensions. This is because what’s best in one situation may not be so great under different circumstances.

For example, Best Kneeboards for Beginners some boards are better suited for rocky shorelines while others are best adopted for a calmer beach setting.

Next, we were able to compare each product based on the features, giving each kneeboard a rating. We then reviewed the top results and selected the most suitable kneeboard for beginners by determining which were better.

The Best Kneeboards for Beginners

Knee boarding might not be as well known or common as wake boarding, skiing, and other water sports that require being towed by a boat, but it definitely offers one of the most fun experiences for people looking for more intimate water levels.

Because knee boarding uses short life vests and allows freedom on how you hold the board in your legs, it’s very easy to do but is also really fun and addicting once you get into it. We created a list of some of the best kneeboards in case you’re interested in getting started.

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In this section of our kneeboard review, you will find five bonus features to help you make the best buying decision decisions.

Affordable Price

Our target price range was between roughly $110 and as little as $70. Ultimately, the brands we chose to feature all contain boards with different prices for boarders of different incomes and skill levels.

The most important point here is that our choices were not based strictly on price but rather other features common amongst these brands of boards.

The Board’s Shape

Knee boarding is a sub-section of general knee boarding and a popular derivation thereof. This form of surfing covers a wide spectrum as well but it mainly focuses on paddle boarding, known also in the trade as longboarding.

So if you are looking to get into some feet first surfing fun then you need look no further than our site which has all the top products relating to water sports and let’s face it, Best Kneeboards for Beginners who doesn’t like being out on the water?

These products are also more durable. The reduction in friction between the board and the water reduces a rider’s ability to control their buoyancy. Plastic boards are softer, so they’re easier to control in some cases.

Other Features Included in the Board

For a kneeboard, the “rocker” describes the end of the board from tip to tail. The quality of a kneeboard’s rocker is what gives new riders what they need to get up and off their wake boarding boat as well as allowing them to land their kneeboard on the water softly.

There are different grips, but a double lock strap is only comfortable when using the kneeboard on foams (i.e. longboarding).

This can be used on plastic boards as well, but it should not be done because there are different techniques to master.

We have also taken notice of retractable fins for the beginning as your get your balance on the board and get used to the waves. These are particularly useful when you’re out new and aren’t entirely confident in yourself on a surfboard yet.

Our Decision

Out of all the kneeboards that were on our list, we found that the Serene Life Thunder Wave Kneeboard was the most popular option.

It’s easy to use and it comes with a set of stabilizers to keep it from moving when you are using it. This year, it took home the top prize for being one of the best kneeboards on our list.

The X-spec Kneeboard was also mentioned in our other articles as another option that beginners should consider.

1: Serene Life Thunder Wave KneeboardSereneLife

Features & Specifications:

Length: 50 inches
Width: 20 inches
Thickness: 4.5 inches
Weight: 9 pounds
Padding: Hard Foam
Fins: No

The Thunder Wave Kneeboard is an excellent board for beginners and pro’s alike. Not only will you be able to use this board for knee boarding but also for waterboarding, kneeling boogie boarding, and knee surfing at the lake or beach.

The materials are very high-quality meaning that not only will this last you longer than others in its price bracket but it also will hold up against even the roughest of conditions such as raging rivers and crashing waves.

The board is lightweight making it less cumbersome to manage, and the rubberized handles provide comfort both in and out of the water.

The deck is soft yet tough, and it can be taken on a boat or used by anyone regardless of age. Best Kneeboards for Beginners The depth is convenient for anyone who wants to get in the water without needing assistance from others.

The twin tip design ensures that you’ll have a smooth and comfortable ride. The padded strap and the molded flex pad help to keep you comfortable, with softer landings for more stability when up on the water.

This kneeboard is one of the absolute best options for beginners who want the comfort and security of riding waves with a kneeboard without having to compromise on spending too much money.

Serene Life Thunder Wave weighs less than 9 pounds, which is ideal if you want a lightweight model that you can take anywhere. It’s also constructed with marine-grade materials, ensuring that the construction quality is outstanding.

This kneeboard is a great choice for beginners and children because it provides a stable and supportive environment during your first couple of attempts.

The strap makes sure you stay in place while the thick foam pad supports your ankle and lower leg.


2: Xspec Kneeboard with Hook StrapXspec

Features & Specifications:

  • Quad Molded Fins
  • Adjustable 3″ Padded Knee Strap for Added Safety and Security
  • Marine-Grade Water-Resistant and Corrosion-Resistant construction for enhanced performance
  • High-Impact Durable Plastic Housing
  • Soft Cushion for Added Comfort
  • Floating & Stable Platform Base
  • Integrated Easy-Start Aquatic Hook
  • Durable Rotomolded Shell with EPS Core

On the second spot is the X-spec Kneeboard with Hook Strap. At around $140, this kneeboard is a steal if you’re interested in learning to kneeboard over the summer.

It’s so well suited for beginning kneeboarders and also highly useful for those same riders as they become more advanced than you’ll be able to create great memories on it and consider it the kneeboard that keeps on giving.

It’s a perfect kneeboard for knee surfing, boating, waterboarding, kneeling suitable for kids, teens, and adults.

The X-spec kneeboard is the ideal go-to choice for water skiers and wakeboarders looking to perfect their moves in all types of water conditions, whether you’re surfing in the ocean, lake, or river.

The wakeboard styled knee strap combined with wide matting ensures exceptional performance and allows for spin-type tricks without having to slow down which makes it a great item not only for learning to waterski but also practicing some more advanced techniques as well.

The incredibly durable foam pad keeps your knees nicely padded while withstanding rougher landings and allowing you to safely perform all sorts of tumbling tricks without feeling sore.

The 3-inch deep grooves in place of knee pads allow you the versatility to practice a variety of maneuvers more easily.

Dog chewing your shoes? Stop them in their tracks with some bitter apple spray. Best Kneeboards for Beginners This little can of goodness will keep even the most stubborn dog away from areas that they shouldn’t be sniffing around.

It weighs less than 11 pounds and has dimensions of 1 ft. x 4 ft. x 6 in. Weight Capacity: 198 lbs. Small enough to fit in a vehicle trunk or a boat box (doesn’t exceed 2 ft. x 2ft.x 2ft).

It makes it easy to carry it into the water by hand or via vehicle, or by small boat or kayak.

The X-spec Kneeboard features an outstanding array of parts which can be replaced and upgraded individually as needed.

Its fittings are detachable and custom so that you don’t have to purchase another expensive kneeboard if only a single component of your current kneepad is in need of replacing.

3: O’Brien Radica Kneeboardobrien

Technical Specifications:

  • Padded adjustable strap
  • Integrated hook
  • 3/4″ EVA Pad
  • Variable beveled edge
  • Quad molded fins

The O’Brien Radica Kneeboard is a nice water sports equipment that also acts as a great water sports equipment rental if you are in an area where this board isn’t available.

This kneeboard doesn’t cost too much at around $120, Best Kneeboards for Beginners which makes it just as affordable as the winner of our Best Water Sports Product award this year.

It has all the right qualities to be competitive with its top-notch performance rating. You will feel safe and secure while riding this, and once you purchase one, don’t forget to try it out on the water.

The board is inspired by water skiing, which allows it to maintain a low convergence to the water and maximize stability for skiers and riders alike.

If you’ve always wanted a more intense skateboard but have prior experience with surfing or wakeboarding, this is definitely something you should consider riding.

4: HO Electron KneeboardHO-Electron

Technical Specifications:

  • DIAMOND TIP AND TAIL: For quick release off the wake and effortless spin initiation
  • MOLDED IN FINS: For maximum control
  • LARGE ORTHOTIC KNEE PAD: For Comfortable Ride
  • POWERLOCK SINGLE LOCKING KNEE STRAP: For maximum comfort and ease

The HO Electron Kneeboard gave new riders all the tools they needed to cruise effortlessly on the water.

It has diamond-shaped tips and tails that make slipping off the wake as easy as possible, as well as molded fins for an even ride under any conditions, with constant control at all times.

The Xpress kneeboard by Ronix has a much larger orthotic pad than the other options if that is your forte.

The molded-in handle hook and power lock strap allows you to keep riding all day while keeping your hair from getting wet during surf lessons which can still make this another great kneeboard for a beginner just trying to keep their hair from getting wet during their surfing sessions on the waves.

Best Kneeboards for Beginners, the downside to buying a Kneeboard is that it doesn’t come cheap.

At about $160, it’s not like you’ll be happy about spending more than a hundred bucks on this kneeboard – but let us tell you, it’s definitely worth it because of the durability and convenience factors associated with the price tag.

5: Leader Accessories KneeboardLeader-Accessories

Technical Specifications:

  • Made from corrosion-proof and marine-grade materials. Extremely durable 3/4″ EVA foam padding and heavy duty adjustable 3″ padded strap give riders superb control during every trick and maneuver.
  • Designed with a molded-in hook for easy, hands-free starts. Just put the tow rope in until you are ready, then pick up the rope and go. Super easy for all levels and ages.

The leader Accessories Kneeboard Starter is a perfect choice for beginners. It allows them to get up the first time, every time thanks to its molded-in hook and beveled edge.

It is low in the water, making it particularly stable and great for anyone who has no experience riding kneeboards.

The thick 3/4 inch EVA foam inserted into the 3-inch padded knee pad helps prevent a variety of discomforts while performing tricks and during practices, but is also known for its resistance to wear.

As an added bonus, the adjustable strap provides actual relief from pain by giving riders more control over their bodies to enhance their maneuvering skills without any distractions or hindrances. It’s like you have another “leg” to bounce around on.

Expert riders can try any trick or maneuver with superb control with an EVA pad with deep knee wells and a 3-inch padded belt.

This is one more great kneeboard for a beginner. Best Kneeboards for Beginners At a reasonable price.

Thank you for reading our guide on the best kneeboards for beginners, we hope that you found it informative and will enjoy using the products that we’ve recommended.

Again, we want to remind you to not let things get too stressful because they will eventually take their toll on you in one way or another.

In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, and if you liked this post, do share it with your friends so they can benefit too.