Make sure your Bluetooth device is still discoverable

Make sure your Bluetooth device is still discoverable. Simply turn on the PIN feature to ensure your customized keyboard doesn’t get used by someone else.

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Bluetooth headphones paired but not connected Windows 10

You have to deal with several users of your company to get your product ready in time. Back then while Windows 10 Bluetooth could connect, giving you no transfer speed or connectivity, it resulted in low-speed Bluetooth issues as well. However, the following error was encountered.

“That didn’t work. Make sure your Bluetooth device is still discoverable, then try again.”


If Bluetooth doesn’t connect, you need to check the software and hardware settings.


Finding the solution to some Bluetooth pairing issues can be tricky, especially with Windows 10, but using the power of a geeky tool like this one could save you a headache and help you get to your goal faster because time is money and many times a customer can’t afford to wait that long for their speaker system or pair of headphones or whatever the case may be.

It is common for Bluetooth to communicate with a device but for the pairing to be incomplete. Sometimes, Bluetooth headphones will not connect to a Bluetooth-enabled device.

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Paired but not Connected Bluetooth

I also tried the notification area to connect. But it failed with the above issue. I thought it was a silly problem as both the devices were paired and discoverable. But not connected.

Remove Bluetooth speaker then pair it again each time I went to use the speaker, and try turning Bluetooth on/off before trying again. In Devices > Bluetooth & other devices pressing properties of Bluetooth device, then Actions > Connect but this too was unsuccessful.

My computer was responding so slowly I didn’t know why it would take me an hour just to update my Facebook profile. Then I found a solution on researching the net. As far as I can recall, you do need administrative access – that’s something to consider when someone is giving you advice.

Devices > Bluetooth & other devices

Fix – That didn’t work. Make sure your Bluetooth device is still discoverable, then try again

Time needed: 10 minutes

Here’s an easy solution to Bluetooth paired but not connected problem. First set up your computer to automatically update the Bluetooth software and then scan completed within seconds.

1. Click on the arrow next to the Bluetooth Auxiliary section

At the top, click on View > Show hidden devices.

 View Show hidden devices.

2.Click on the arrow next to the Bluetooth Auxiliary section. 

It will show the Bluetooth hidden devices and drivers.

 View > Show hidden devices.

3.Note: Steps to see hidden devices
a. If the above option is not showing, turn off/on the Bluetooth slider in your Windows 10 laptop.
b. If you have a Bluetooth adapter, you can unplug and plug it in again.
c. Make sure the Bluetooth setting is turned on.
d. Remove all the other Bluetooth devices and keep only the speakers/headset you want to connect.
e. If the above option still doesn’t appear, remove the concerned Bluetooth device and pair it again.

4.Right-click the first option – Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (Sink) and click on Update Driver.
a. Browse my computer for drivers manually. Don’t search automatically for drivers.
b. Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.
c. On the next screen, click on Microsoft Bluetooth A2dp source. If that doesn’t exist, select anything related to Microsoft.

Browse my computer for drivers manually

6.Repeat steps 5-8 for the next list of devices in the Bluetooth Auxiliary section.

7.The following devices were listed under this section and needed to be updated to the corresponding Microsoft drivers.

A2dp sink -> Microsoft Bluetooth DAAP Source (A2dp) (Also Listed as Method 1 in the Article)

BlueSoleil Generic Bluetooth Driver -> Microsoft Bluetooth Stack for Interoperability

Audio/Video Remote Control (Target) -> Microsoft Bluetooth Avrcp Transport Driver -> Link Error 1722

This profile covers the Hands-Free Profile and AudioGateway roles defined in RFC 7095.

Microsoft Bluetooth A2dp Source

7.Once you do this for each related device, it will disappear from the Bluetooth Auxiliary section.

The devices should now appear in an exhaustive array of locations listed without distinction under various umbrella sections like Bluetooth, Sound, video, game controllers, audio inputs and outputs, and System Devices.

Bluetooth, Sound, video, game controllers, audio inputs and outputs, and System Devices.

8.Restart the PC and connect your Bluetooth device again.

The following error – “That didn’t work. Make sure your Bluetooth device is still discoverable, then try again.” should be fixed and you should be able to hear sound from your favourite Bluetooth headset, earphones and soundbar; including the Samsung Level U Pro and Jabra Move Wireless.

Restart the PC and connect your Bluetooth device again.

Make sure you have the latest updates on your computer; make sure your Bluetooth device’s drivers are up to date; try connecting with 2.1 or A2DP if present; turn off Bluetooth, restart then turn it back on and reconnect.

Solution #1 – Restart Windows Bluetooth Services

Dell XPS 13 users have a similar problem. He had the following problem

Trying to get my Bluetooth device to work on my laptop and having trouble. Will my Bluetooth device pair with my laptop but fails to connect correctly.

  1. Press Win + R keys and type services.msc.
  2. View by Standard.
  3. Generally, there will be 3 Bluetooth services.
    Bluetooth Audio Gateway Service.
    Driver Management Service.
    Support Service
  4. If they are not running, right-click and Start. If it’s already running, try to Restart.
  5. Also, if there are any other Bluetooth related services, try to do the same.
  6. Check for Windows Audio service if you are using Bluetooth speakers, headset, earphones.
  7. Start or Restart them.

Windows Audio service

Solution #2 Try the Bluetooth Troubleshooter

Windows 10 has the major advantage of having built-in troubleshooting tools that will run automatically whenever something appears to be wrong on your PC. Additionally, these tools help you resolve issues in Windows and keep your computer running smoothly. If an issue still isn’t fixed, Microsoft Support is there to help you out.

  1. Search for troubleshooting in Windows 10 search bar.
  2. Otherwise, go to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot.
  3. Click on Additional Troubleshooters on the right-hand side.
  4. Under Find and fix other problems, click on Bluetooth.
  5. Run the troubleshooter.

 Additional Troubleshooters
Best Tool: PC Repair – Easy Way to Repair Your PC Issues.

It could fix many of the Bluetooth drivers and connectivity-related issues.