Fix Skype Not Working or Opening in Windows 8.1

Fix Skype Not Working or Opening in Windows 8.1 is known to cause issues. Recently, I updated Skype to the most current version 7.7.0 and my client wasn’t opening. It had also worked previously, though I am using a 64 bit Windows 8.1 machine.

It appeared that I was making a mistake by deleting it from Metro apps but then I noticed that removing it even caused install errors on different areas of my desktop computer as well as other applications being unable to run properly because Skype was uninstalled in the first place.

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So I had a bad feeling that there must have been something wrong? To get things off to a good start, I uninstalled the desktop Skype app and re-installed it. However, the error was still present as a pop-up message box.

Windows cannot find ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.ex. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

Program Files

This is the error message shown when I tried to open the short-cut of the Desktop version of 7.7.x skype

I tried to re-install the original paths and find the executable in order for them to work again independently. I clicked on Skype.exe with administrative privileges but was I still unable to complete my task.

This made me suspicious that it might be a Windows 64-bit problem as the 32-bit version of Windows 8.1 was able to complete what I wanted to do.

I got a response back within hours of me posting my question on the Skype Community. The Community Ambassador asked if I had installed TuneUp Utilities.

Trojan.DNSChanger.AB was recently detected in several applications that have been available on the Google Play market including AVG PC TuneUp, WinZip and ES Task Manager among others.

If the software is particularly hard to uninstall, do not be afraid to ask someone who is an expert in computer repair or a certified technician. This way you can safely and quickly get rid of all the bugs and have a cleaner PC.

The Solution

Make sure you take a backup in case anything goes wrong, and then rename the key to removing all traces of “Windows 10”. Then save the changes and exit. Restart your computer, enter your username and password as normal and you’re good to go.

Press the Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys together to open Task Manager and then go to File > Run new task. Type “Regedit” in the dialogue box and press enter. Now navigate to the following registry key.

If a stern warning is issued and a method that you’re using breaks, why not implement an alternative to reduce your likelihood of getting hit with these fatal errors? Windows NT Technical Support may suggest some solutions.

There you can find multiple keys. Navigate to the key named “skype.exe” and delete it. After doing so, close the registry. When complete, restart your computer and attempt to run Chrome again to see if this has permanently resolved the annoying error message.

I also searched other forum posts during my problem resolution. I found that several other users were having problems with skype not opening in windows 8.1 most of the time you can post your questions on

I also searched other forum posts during my problem resolution. I found that several other users were having problems with skype not opening in windows 8.1 most of the time you can post your questions on

But some users are having problems when they upgrade their systems from 8 to 8.1. The culprit seems to be that they haven’t realized that Skype 6.1 has compatibility problems with Windows 8.1, as it’s not preloaded with the.

NET 3.5 frameworks are needed for installation on the newest operating system. If both of these things have been done, you should try installing Skype again and see if things go smoothly this time around.

You can also reach out to the community with an error code you got when using Skype. Please note that your log file might look different, but please paste whatever you see in it! To get to this log, follow these directions – for Windows 8.

Open Windows Event Viewer -> Custom Views -> Administrative Events. Look for recent error messages with timestamps corresponding to your Skype crashes. Copy and paste the text from the General tab.

Sometimes the history file (*.db) can be corrupted. This file can be viewed using the free tool SkypeLogView. If you are able to view this history file in Windows 7 or 8, then it may be a different problem. Then you need to run the Direct X diagnostics tool and save the results to a file.

You can do this by typing dxdiag.exe in the Run box. You need to zip up both files that you have created before you return home and email them back to us ([[email protected]]). We will process your refund as soon as they arrive, but please give us some time if return via post so we receive it in good time (we will try our best).

It can be difficult to choose the right webcam for your YouTube channel. For example, one user was using the USB2.0 HD UVC webcam but hadn’t updated it to the latest version of Windows 8.1.

Failure to update a webcam’s drivers could also prevent you from using it correctly, which is exactly what this user experienced due to not following proper protocol for updating their device software.

Also, for those of you who are using an Intel HD Graphics display adapter, we highly recommend updating it to the latest version.

The latest driver version is at least v10.18.10.3304. In some instances, there have been problems with virtual webcam applications like CyberLink YouCam, which you will have to uninstall if you want Skype to perform properly.

Sometimes, you can have problems with your system’s installed version of Internet Explorer. For this, you will need to uninstall IE11 and reinstall a previous version like IE9 by doing the following.

Internet Explorer power user tip: download the very latest version of Internet Explorer in order to ensure optimum performance, efficiency and stability with your PC. Simply download a fresh copy from the Microsoft website.

In 2014, Tom was connecting to the internet and Skype via a proxy server. This became problematic both from a security standpoint as well as from an online shopping perspective. What must be done first is precisely what Tom did not do which was to clear the proxy settings in Windows Registry.

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Type: regedit.exe and press Enter

delete the Skype keys from:




Now change the Proxy settings.

Recently, in 2015 a pain point was discovered by Intel HD Graphics driver users. There were no Windows 8.1 drivers available for the same and someone trying to solve their issue from the Acer Platform found that installing a generic driver didn’t help solve the problem they were having. Fortunately,

we have a solution that not only resolves this compatibility issue with the Intel HD Graphics 8.1 graphic driver but extends to older versions too.

This is the error message you get when a Skype call in your browser has been disrupted due to a failed connection. Modern browsers feature better online collaboration tools than the classic MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger ones, so we assume that you don’t really miss all those times of freezing chats and non-responding friends.

Just remove the offending web browser from your computer (like Firefox or Chrome). If you are still having trouble with Skype calls and VoIP calls in other programs, restart your PC or just restart Skype.

Restart Skype.

If needed, you will still be able to re-establish your call and chat history. All data is still saved in the Skype_old folder.

Since July 7th, 2015, Microsoft has stopped providing updates for any versions of Skype for Windows 8 RT. RT is the version of Microsoft Windows that was originally released on October 26, 2012, and discontinued by Microsoft on January 3rd, 2014.

Since services are not going to run in the background anymore on your device, start using the Windows Store version to get your notifications instead. If you want to use Skype for calling or video chats then you need to make sure to upgrade your operating system to include Win 10.

Best Tool: PC Repair – Easy Way to Repair Your PC Issues.

You can also have a problem with one of the updates of Windows 8.1. If this KB3003667 is installed, try uninstalling it and re-starting Skype. This sometimes can save from frustrating attempts to fix this problem.