How can I remove administrator password in Windows 8? – Guide

  1. If you need to reset your password.
  2. Then You can do so through the Microsoft account website.
  3. If you do not have a Microsoft account.
  4. If that does not work for any reason.
  5. Then you will need to use the Windows 8 installation disk to reinstall Windows.

How to remove login password at startup on Windows 8

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How can I remove administrator password?

If you are not the administrator, there is no way to remove the password. How can I remove administrator password in Windows 8 If you are the administrator, you should be able to login with your old password and change it either before or after changing it.

How can I crack Windows 8 administrator password without any software?

You can install Windows 8 using a Linux live CD or USB to load the installation disc. Once booted into the installer, you will be asked for your username and password.

The default user account is administrator, so simply press enter. You should now be able to go through the installation process as normal.

How do I get Administrator permission off?

If you are trying to take away administrative permissions on a computer, you can do so by going to the Control Panel and clicking User Accounts and Family Safety.

Once there, click User Accounts and then click on the account that you want to take away administrative privileges from.

You will need to enter the password for that account in order to proceed. How can I remove administrator password in Windows 8 If it isn’t turned off already, uncheck the box next to “Administrator” and then click Apply.

How do I get into my laptop without a password Windows 8?

If you have a Windows 8 laptop, there are three ways to getting access to your computer without a password.

The first one is to shut down the computer by holding down the power button and keeping it depressed for 5 seconds, then you will be able to turn it on again and log in with your Microsoft account credentials, instead of having to type in a password.

Another way is doing this while booting from an Administrator USB drive that contains a set admin password.