How do I change administrators on Windows 8? – Explanation Guide

  1. Firstly, click Control Panel from the drop-down menu.
  2. Then Select Change Account Type under User Accounts and Family Safety in the Control Panel window.
  3. Under User Accounts and Family Safety.
  4. Choose Manage Accounts from the drop-down menu.
  5. Select the user account to be changed on the Manage Accounts window.

How To Enable or Disable the Administrator Account in Windows 8 and 8 1?

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How do you delete an administrator account on Windows 8?

Select Local users and groups from the drop-down menu, then click on Users. Now select the account that you would like to remove and right click it. Finally, choose “Remove” and click on OK in the confirmation window that will appear.

How do I change my main administrator?

Right-click the Start button. Then click Settings. Choose System from the menu. How do I change administrators on Windows 8 Select Users and Family Safety from the list of options.

Under Accounts, choose Your user account and other accounts. Click Change your account type for any account, and select Administrator in the drop-down menu.

How do you change the administrator’s name on Windows 8?

From the Start Screen, type Win + R and then type Computer Management in the text box. Once in Computer Management, select the second option from the left (Administrator) above Object Names to open up Group Policy Editor. From here simply change your Administrator name.

How do I fix administrator permissions in Windows 8?

To access the settings, go to Start and select Administrative Templates. Navigate to Local Policies and click Security Options. Double-click Accounts: Administrator account and select Enable. Select Apply and OK after selecting your option.

How do I change the Administrator email on Windows 8?

Open Run by typing it in the Start menu. How do I change administrators on Windows 8 Type control userpasswords2 and press Enter. Click the account you wish to give admin rights to and click Change Account Type on the left-hand side. You’ll find an option to switch your user account to an administrator.