How do I remove administrator account in Windows 7?

  1. Go to User Accounts.
  2. Family Safety in the Control Panel.
  3. Select your user account.
  4. In the Manage Account window.
  5. From the list.
  6. Select Change Your Account Type.
  7. In the Change Account Type window.
  8. Check the box labelled Administrator

How to Enable or Disable Hidden Administrator Account in Windows 7,8.1 and 10?


What happens if I delete the Administrator account?

How do I remove the administrator account in Windows 7, do you want to delete the account and all of your personal data stored on this device? This includes content and information like contacts, music, photos, books, and the configuration of apps and programs installed. Please choose from one of these options: YES or NO.

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What is the rid of the Administrator account for Windows?

Right-click the Start button. Next, left-click Properties, and then select “Users” from the menu. Then click on the Administrator account to bring up its properties window. Uncheck “Account is disabled.” Finally, click Apply and then OK.

Can you delete the Administrator account?

To delete an admin account, go to the left sidebar and select Delete Account. You can choose the section you wish to remove and the member who is responsible for moderating it. The user will need to log out of their computer before it’s deleted! Note: Deleting an administrator’s account requires them to first log out of their profile page.

What is the use of an Administrator account in Windows 7?

An administrator is like a babysitter. They are someone who has control over the computer and can make changes that will impact other users of the system.

Administrators have full access to all files on the computer, as well as the ability to modify other user accounts’ security settings, install software and hardware, log in to different computers across a network, change security settings, and more.

How do I recover a deleted administrator?

As an added security measure lock your computer with the Windows key. Select Power from the menu. Hold down shift and restart to restart without unplugging anything. Troubleshoot may be accessed by clicking on it. In advance options click system restore under?