How do I remove my Microsoft account from my Windows 8 laptop

  1. To disconnect from your Microsoft account.
  2. Go to your Settings menu.
  3. Select Change PC Settings.
  4. Then Accounts.
  5. Choose your Microsoft account from the list.
  6. Click the Disconnect link under your name and email address.
  7. Then if prompted by Windows.
  8. Verify your account by inputting your password

How to Add or Remove Microsoft Account on Windows 10?


How do I disassociate a Microsoft account from my laptop?

How do I remove my Microsoft account from my Windows 8 laptop, tap the Start button and then select Settings? From there, select Accounts, scroll down and then tap the Microsoft account you’d like to edit/delete. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Remove’.

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How do I remove a connected Microsoft account?

Connected Accounts allow you to connect a variety of email services in and also give you access to a lot more content than if you had been using only the outlook service.

Even after removing the connected accounts, there are still ways to retrieve your old messages even though they may be retained by the vendor’s server on their side.

How do I change my Microsoft account on Windows 8?

To switch between a local and a Microsoft account in Windows 8, you first must open the Charms Bar (winkey+c) and then select “Change PC settings”. Next, choose “Users” from the left-hand menu. Since we are currently using a Local account, click on the “switch to a Microsoft account” link.

How do I change the username on my computer Windows 8?

To edit the name of a Windows server, click on the Start menu, then click Control Panel. Open System and Security option, in the System window, select the Advanced system settings option and then click Change settings for [Name]. You will see a sheet or window for editing changes.

How do I change a user password in Windows 8?

Touch and hold the left side of the screen with your right thumb and forefinger. Drag to the bottom and then back up toward the top again, keeping your thumb and forefinger on that same general area on the left side of this screen. Now, tap or click Settings.

Scroll through Settings and tap the Sign-in options (you may have to scroll down). Tap or click Change password. Enter a new password. Re-enter the new password again in order to confirm it. Tap or click Save changes.