How do I remove Norton from Windows 10? – Solution Guide

  1. If you are using Windows 10.
  2. Norton is installed in the background.
  3. Then You can uninstall.
  4. It by going to Settings > System > Apps & Features.

How to uninstall Norton antivirus on windows 10

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Why is it so hard to uninstall Norton?

One of the greatest annoyances to computer users is that Norton Antivirus doesn’t seem to uninstall easily. You may think you can do it yourself, but you’d be mistaken.

The people at Symantec would like to make sure your satisfaction with their product is to the fullest and they have therefore come up with a tutorial that will help you remove Norton Antivirus if you are experiencing this problem.

Ironically, the first step to installing your Symantec antivirus is clear enough: “Delete all instances of Norton.”

Do you need Norton If you have Windows 10?

Norton is a type of software that many people use to protect their computers from becoming infected by viruses.

It’s important to note though that Windows 10 comes with its own antivirus protection built in, so you don’t need anti-virus software unless your computer is already experiencing issues or you want extra funds dedicated toward protecting your computer.

How do I turn off Norton firewall?

If you are going to use the Norton Security Suite, you might want to turn off the firewall if you are concerned about it conflicting with anti-virus or other software that you may have in place.

To do this, all you have to do is click on “Norton Security” which is located in your taskbar and then select “Turn Off Firewall.

What’s the best antivirus for Windows 10?

The best computer security software is Bitdefender which has a 99% anti-peskiness rate and is known for its ability to ward off malevolent apps.