How do I remove outlook password from Windows 8? – Explanation Guide

  1. First Start the Windows 8 using your account (i.e. just enter your username and password).
  2. Then Open a command prompt (shortcut “Windows key + R”) and type “netplwiz” without quotes.
  3. Then Click anywhere in the window to display additional windows.

How to disconnect your outlook account in windows

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How do I remove outlook password from my computer?

Go to Start, select Settings and choose Accounts. Select Accounts from the right-side menu, then pick Microsoft account and select Remove your Microsoft account. Finally, press Yes on your keyboard or touchscreen if it pops up again.

How do I change my outlook password in Windows 8?

Select the Options button. Click Account Details under settings. How do I remove outlook password from Windows 8 Sign in using your username and password. Select Password from the left-hand pane.

Enter your existing password if you have forgotten it. To access your INBOX again, click on Outlook logo located on top of screen at the upper left corner of Outlook interface.

How do I remove outlook from Windows 8?

From the Start menu, click Control Panel and select Uninstall a program. Right-click Office on the left side of the screen and click Uninstall to uninstall a program.

Where is Outlook password stored?

In Outlook Express, the passwords are stored in a protected storage area of the registry key called “Protected Storage.”

How do I remove an email password?

Select the Content tab. Click Settings in the AutoComplete section, then uncheck Forms and User names and passwords on forms.

Ensure that you delete AutoComplete history by first selecting it from the drop-down menu. How do I remove outlook password from Windows 8 For ‘Form data’, ‘Passwords’, and almost all other items that you wish to keep, select Yes from the drop-down menu.

Confirm with ‘Yes’ followed by Okay’ when finished.