Fix Microsoft Store Stuck on Starting Download in Windows 10

Fix Microsoft Store Stuck on Starting Download in Windows 10 can stem from many sources. As a helpful guide for those who may come across this common issue, here is some information as to why you may be experiencing issues with the Microsoft Store and how to fix them.

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Sometimes app downloads take forever to go through and this could be due to acquiring license errors in Windows Store.

This is a big headache for Microsoft and other game lovers. Even with the M2 release, users can still experience apps hanging or crashing.

Microsoft Store Download Stuck

Windows Store apps can’t be downloaded, so when you click on the Downloads and Updates > See more section in the Windows Store, you see dots revolving that appear to be busy doing something but you don’t see anything happening. This is very frustrating.

This was my problem when I tried to download Mail & Calendar so that I could install updates for Skype and App Installer.

Downloads and Updates

One may think it is a problem with an application such as Skype that leaves one unable to update their Windows 10. You try to uninstall and reinstall the app, but when you try to do this, you notice that the Skype updates still don’t seem to be possible.

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How to Fix Microsoft Store Stuck on Downloading

The following 5 methods will show fixes to Windows 10 store not downloading apps.

Method #1: Reinstall all apps via PowerShell

On this occasion, downloading the app from Store won’t solve everything. Yes, sometimes it might but in other cases, we may be dealing with a more complex issue. Let’s try to fix it.

So reinstalling the apps themselves should help you figure out the error. It’s advisable to not uninstall or delete them – simply reinstall them and try opening each of them individually. One at a time is best so we can be more certain that a single app isn’t causing all these problems.

Note: When you reinstall, data in your apps will be lost. This would be like the process of logging back into those applications from scratch.

Note: Some apps and services such as Cortana, or Microsoft Edge may not reinstall using this PowerShell command in some versions like 1709. 1803 etc

1: Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys. Otherwise, right-click the Start button and open PowerShell (Admin).


2: Close all the running apps using Task Manager.
3: Enter the following command in PowerShell by just copying from here and right-clicking in PowerShell. You can also press Ctrl + V.

Get-AppxPackage *| Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}


This may take some time, but we’re working on it. Don’t worry about the red warning messages – just wait a bit and then come back and try again.

4. Once the process has been completed, you can restart your computer and then install or update any of your store apps. The issue will be resolved at that point.

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If you still face any problems, you can further dwell below for other solutions.

Method #2: Troubleshoot Windows Store Apps

Windows Store Apps being shut down or not updating normally could be due to Windows Update getting corrupted. If you can troubleshoot and fix this problem, then it should resolve the issue of your Store apps not updating properly.

Due to the nature of the way Windows Update and Store are universally linked, users can be prompted unnecessarily.

1: Press Win + I to open Windows Settings.
2: Click on Update & Security > Troubleshoot
3: On the right-hand side, click on “Windows Store Apps“.
4: Click on “Run the troubleshooter“.
This should fix any problems with existing Windows Store apps.

Windows Store Apps

Method #3: Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter

If the Windows Update is causing the Store apps to pause, suspend or hang, run its troubleshooter.

Windows Update is a very important application in Windows that makes sure your computer’s operating system is up-to-date with the latest fixes and updates from Microsoft. Sometimes, it can be a bit finicky. To make sure it’s behaving, you can follow these steps.

Run the troubleshooter

Otherwise, you can use the Control Panel.

1: Press the Win key and type a few letters of “Control Panel“.
2: Click on it in the search results.
3: Once it opens, click on “View by Small icons” at the top.
4: Then click on “Troubleshooting“.
5: Under “System and Security“, click on “Fix problems with Windows Update“.
The process will run till it fixes all the Update related issues. You can download and update your Store apps as usual.

download and update your Store apps

Fix problems with Windows Update

Method #4: Reset Windows Store app

This can be done in the same way as resetting all apps.

1: Open Windows Settings by pressing Win + I.
2: Click on “Apps” > Apps & features
3: On the right-hand side, scroll through until you see “Microsoft Store“.
4: Click on it and then click on “Advanced options“.
5: On the next page, there is an option called “Reset“. Click it.
Note: If the Microsoft Store app is running, kill it from Task Manager. Otherwise, you can use the

Advanced options

The same things can be done in many ways, but choose the best option.

The following settings will reset the Microsoft Store to the default settings. These were formerly called Windows Store.

Method #4: method #5: Reset Windows Update service.

#1: Open the services app, by typing “services. MSC” in the Run box.
#2: Go to the Windows Update service > right-click on it > click on Stop.
#3: In File Explorer, go to the “Windows” directory in the OS drive.
#4: Rename the SoftwareDistribution folder to something like SoftwareDistribution.bkup.
#5: Restart the Windows Update service again.
Now check if your Microsoft Store is working properly or not.

Final Resort: Create a New User Account

We’re not sure if you have administrative privileges for your account or how far you can go with them in terms of being able to edit the HTML source code for a page.

You could, however, copy and paste the text from this article into one of your documents (as long as it is within your WordPress dashboard) and use that to customize the text and images.

Before we can log out of our current account, we first need to log in so that the Windows Store app will work correctly.

It’s best to create a new user account on your computer in order to solve most Windows Store problems.

Best Tool: PC Repair – Easy Way to Repair your PC Issues.

To create a new account follow these steps.
#1: Open Accounts in Windows Settings.
#2: Click on “Family & other users”.
#3: Click on “Add someone else to this PC”.
You can follow the on-screen instruction to create a new user account with the required privileges.