Best Windows 10 Privacy Tool with Easy Settings

best Windows 10 Privacy Tool with Easy Settings. The information collected with diagnostic data, access to websites visited by cookies, as well as browsing startups are ways of collecting data. Selling this data to a third party or analytics further leaks your privacy due to software discrepancies.

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We’re not sure whether these are the only ways Microsoft collects data on your system, but we know for sure that a lot of different apps ask for permission to access collected information (for example, reading reports which include details about Windows 10 update history.

It’s no secret that Microsoft Corporation has been known to go overboard a time or two. The company has constantly been updating its software with new features and settings that are not only unnecessary but often put our privacy at risk.

O&O ShutUp 10 is a Windows 10 privacy fix tool that exterminates everything which might spy on your personal life and comes with a customized list of preselected settings in order to simplify the installation process.

  1. Disable the camera on the login screen.
  2. and Reset Advertising ID and info for the current user
  3. transmission of typing information.
  4. Windows Error Reporting (if not necessary).
  5. the submission of user activities to Microsoft
  6. Windows tracking of app starts
  7. password reveal button
  8. tracking on the web.
  9. Disable sending info about websites visited.
  10. Disable storing and autocompleting of credit card data on websites.

O&O ShutUp 10

Some data is collected automatically as you go about your day. It’s gathered for different purposes and managed by different tools, so we’ve put together a collection of articles to help you get a grasp on what information is being collected and how it’s used. The best way to control your privacy: set up an account and use Cortana.

This is another review by Stanley. In this article, we’re going to find all of the options offered by this Windows 10 privacy tool to safeguard your habits and activity. This article includes handy tips to help users who want to keep their privacy secure online.

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Shutup 10 – Introduction

The latest version is 2.5.3973, released on 27th December 2021. With years of experience in the field and with clients ranging from local businesses to Fortune 500 companies worldwide, we’ve developed a tool that will give you more control over your shut-up service including its usability and backward compatibility.

The following file (OOSU10.exe) is downloaded when you click the “Download” button. It has a Gold Privacy certification from Microsoft itself, so we advise that you feel safe using this program as it helps to control your privacy and security.

One of the most reliable means to protect your privacy rights is by working with a desktop operating system that makes it very clear from the get-go what you are agreeing to.

To know how to use this tool, read on to the bottom


Shutup 10 Features

The Anti-Spy features have the following categories.

  1. Privacy
  2. Activity History and Clipboard
  3. App Privacy
  4. Security
  5. Microsoft Edge (new version based on Chromium)
  6. Microsoft Edge (legacy version)
  7. Synchronization of Windows Settings
  8. Cortana (Personal Assistant)
  9. Location Services
  10. User Behaviour
  11. Windows Update
  12. Explorer
  13. Windows Defender and Microsoft SpyNet
  14. Lock Screen
  15. Miscellaneous

Following things can be controlled on Windows 10

  1. Change the recommended security features
  2. Encapsulate your Privacy
  3. Disable location-sharing features
  4. Prevent user data from sharing using diagnostics

Export and Import Settings

If you already have ShutUp 10 configured on another computer, then the program can be exported from that computer and imported to a new one. This is done by going to the File Tab in the menu.

ShutUp10 – Languages

You can view all the different settings of this tool by grouping them as a category. Shutup 10 is seven languages: English (default), French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Polish and Chinese.

How to use O&O ShutUp 10 on Windows 10?

After I downloaded the file, I ran it and started it in administrator mode by right-clicking on the icon to start the Windows 10 Pro setup. The updates are 95% complete at this time. The edition of Windows 10 that we have is 20H2 with a 64-bit system.

Under the Actions tab of each privacy setting, you can apply all settings at once. The same options are available for each tab and include.

  1. Apply on recommended settings.
  2. Recommended and somewhat recommended settings.
  3. Apply all settings.


Otherwise, you can switch the settings to red or green. The following video will show you how to change the status of annoying notifications made by any application on your computer and it will help further illustrate how useful ShutUp 10 is.

For example, the following option is there –

  1. Disable app notifications

If an app is in red this means that it will still serve notifications, but to turn them off so they won’t show up on your screen you need to move the slider to the green area. For some apps, however, most of them, notifications must be turned on in order for them to work properly.

For extra security, you can create a system restore point under the actions button. Click “undo all changes” to revert back to factory settings.

Initially, I used the Windows 10 privacy settings when I initially set up this app. So when I opened this app, it shows some privacy intrusion rules are already disabled by default.

If you’re not a Windows 10 user and worried about your privacy being invaded by unwanted background apps, we recommend trying out the recommended settings option of ShutUp 10.

The program lets you disable popup ads on popups that would otherwise reveal your personal info, configure real-time protection against phishing and malicious sites in browsers like Chrome and Firefox; so that your machine is safeguarded instantaneously without any outside intervention.

Why do you need Privacy Protection Tool?

Windows uses User Account Control (UAC) to simplify the approach of security and privacy application forms. For recommended settings, resetting UAC is strongly recommended over customizing.

The solution is to always have a backup and recovery plan. You never know when your computer might experience some problems and you will be glad to know that you can still get all of your personal emails back.

How ShutUp 10 can be helpful for Safety and Comfort?

Windows 10 can be used to control the phone usage of children, or anyone, with an Android device because everything ultimately relies on Microsoft Account logins.

For this, it will take some permission from your child’s phone and view his activity. Any third-party tool can use this data. It can be detrimental to your kid’s security if wrongly done.

Here are some examples of how to set reminders with Cortana in Windows 10. An alternative way would be typing “Remind Me” followed by whatever it is you need to remember.

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Users want to be in control of their online privacy. You should let them choose whether they would like to opt in to services that may or may not be suitable. O&O ShutUp 10 is a solution that empowers the choice of users to protect their privacy on Windows 10.

Frequently Asked Questions – O&O Shutup 10

What is O&O ShutUp 10?

It is a privacy-check tool for Windows 10/8.1/7. It provides all the settings to enable or disable data passing through your computer and cheese which app has access to it. Antispyware helps prevent various information from leaking from your computer or phone.

Where is Shutup10 installed?

Thanks for asking! It’s actually a piece of software that’s distributed as an executable file. It can also be installed program files, and it has no external dependencies. Upon running, it interacts with another system and generates usage statistics automatically. This takes up some hard drive memory when it’s being used, but no data exists on the system after uninstalling it.

How do I get rid of O&O ShutUp 10?

There is no need to uninstall the software. Once you run it, automatically ends itself after your computer has been restarted.

Which is better O&O ShutUp or Spybot Anti-beacon?

It depends on what brand you need. I prefer to use Sony because it’s a widely used brand by many PlayStation users and it has been certified as a “PlayStation Certified” device. Non-recommended gear may come with bugs or spyware, adware, or malware that might damage your device.

How to save O&O ShutUp Settings?

Note: It is possible to alter sections of this guide without having to alter the entire thing. For example, if you want to rewrite some of the subtopics below this section, click here. Otherwise, feel free to skip ahead.

What does green mean in ShutUp10?

There are many ways to protect your privacy, even on the Internet. For example, you can choose to use the private browsing mode to browse websites without saving any history. This is called “Incognito Mode”.

You can also make purchases online anonymously by using virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Monero; this protects both you and the merchants you buy from in case the site gets breached.