System Service Exception in Windows 10

During the May 2020 update of  System Service Exception in Windows 10, the device fails to restart with blue screen error Crash. A common stop code error – SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION is a typical error that could occur within this instance.

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Though it may be that the issue stems from incompatible software programs on the system, you should read the documentation of the original app to find out if there are any requirements.

Sometimes the BSOD of death can occur in Windows 10 when the self-repairing mechanism doesn’t work and enters a recycle loop, which usually happens after an update to the 20H2 or May 2020 editions. In this case, you need to take corrective actions to fix this BSOD error permanently.

Case Study #1

I installed a new printer about 4 months ago, and it was working fine for the first month or two. Then I had to uninstall everything relating to the previous printer, including virus protection which meant I had just installed a fresh copy of Windows 7. After doing this, the problem is still persisting.

I get the blue screen with the message:

Stop Code: System Service Exception.

Same message, each time.

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Unfortunately, the reason for this error was not likely the printer. A Microsoft Agent, who studied the MINIDUMP files of your system and uploaded them to OneDrive, concluded that it is much more likely that a program crash occurred in the application you were using at the time of this crash.

The cause of the crashes was a conflict between the Avast and Malwarebytes antivirus drivers. The 2015 anti-malware software (mbam.exe) was interfering with the new Avast antivirus drivers, causing all of our devices to shut down during boot-up procedures.

As a user, it’s important to have an antivirus or antimalware software, many smart computer users use Malwarebytes and find it very reliable.

This is a light version of the strong anti-exploit tool known as the Pro version which finds even more dangerous threats on the computer, and unlike antivirus can prevent them from even infecting your PC in the first place! Here’s how to get rid of malware with Malwarebytes:

Case Study #2

At the beginning of Nov 2019, a forum user showed up to discuss his issue with having recently created an eCommerce store and getting a specific error code.

When I try to update Windows 10 to Version 1909, I receive the following error: Stop Code: System Service Exception. When I click Check for Updates, I receive the error code 0x80080005

This was when updating his PC to Windows 10 1909 version.


The culprit here was also Avast, though not the same file as in the previous example. In this case, they ran Windows Defender as mentioned, but there were still problems with it because whatever Avast had done had corrupted files in the OS itself and created a conflict between them.


Case Study #3

In April 2019, a typical BSOD error was like this –

I came across a serious problem with an exception error. I’d run malware scans and system file checks but found nothing that could be causing my BSOD (blue screen of death)

As promised, I’ve attached the system information files you requested with what little information I could gather from this end. Here are the links:



To analyze the error, a minidump was captured. Microsoft Agent analyzed the minidump file and came to the conclusion that ntkrnlmp.exe is causing the error.

Various factors could be at play if your printer is not working with your computer. Update the driver software to work with the printer using Intel Driver & Support Assistant.


Troubleshooting computer problems may seem difficult at first, but luckily our troubleshooting guide is designed with the average person in mind. For those who opt to take advantage of this service, we guarantee your issues will be resolved by following our step-by-step instructions.

  1. service, we guarantee your issues will be resolved by following our step-by-step instructions.

When I selected the (b) option the following solutions were proposed.

It is clearly mentioned that blue screen errors can happen due to several reasons. To find out the exact cause is a little difficult procedure. The probable cause is the installation of new hardware failure or third-party software that may not be compatible with your Windows 10 device.

It is clearly mentioned that blue screen error can happen due to several reasons. To find out the exact cause is a little difficult procedure. The probable cause is the installation of new hardware failure or third-party software that may not be compatible with your Windows 10 device.

Method #1: Uninstall third-party software

If you recently installed any sort of third-party programs related to the Microsoft Store, uninstall them. Since it is difficult for you to log in because your operating system is being attacked by a virus, it would help if you were able to start your computer in Safe Mode.

If you can’t find the Windows 8 product key on your computer then there is an easier way to recover it. Using the installation media, go to the following location in the Windows Recovery Environment.

Is the system not loading? Restart your computer and press the 5th option once it starts I.e F5. This will take you into Safe Mode with Networking then go to “Control Panel” on your system; Press Win + I shortcut keys in this order.

Then Apps > Apps & Features (as of 20H2 update).

On your Android device, sort the applications by installed date. Scan through them to get rid of any which may have been recently added including viral or bad apps from untrustworthy sources.

Install date

Open “MSConfig” by pressing the Windows key plus “R” on your keyboard. From there, select the boot tab and uncheck the option that reads “Safe boot.” Finally, restart your computer before trying to use it as you would normally.

Method #2: Disable, Rollback or Uninstall Incompatible Drivers

When you connect certain hardware components to your Windows 10 system, the relevant drivers are automatically downloaded via the internet (if they aren’t already installed).

If you see any yellow warning symbols on your device manager, it indicates that the driver has been corrupted or missing from the system.

In this scenario, users should follow a traditional procedure to open “Device Manager” where they can fix the problem. However, if needed simply type the few letters of it in the search bar and it will open as well.

If you installed an update or a new version of the software and found out that your previously working device/software may not work properly as it used to after the update, you can try rolling back the problematic driver.

If this solution fails, you can go to the next solution.

Method #3: Remove the recent hardware attached

Generally, your computer is registered when you use a Microsoft account. If you want your device to be identified properly on other devices, make sure that your account password has the same credentials on all devices.

Also, note that during rebooting of the Windows 10 operating system, if the new setup is unable to access any Digital rights Management protected content and fails with error 0xE882F061 when connecting with Windows Media Player 12 or later this issue might be encountered.

In case you have no idea how to access the control panel and change settings there, remove any unauthorized hardware attached or make sure it is not causing a problem.

The same thing goes for any other updates you do not trust installing. If there is still an issue, you can remove all other USB devices including hard drives and RAM. Reattach them one by one until you find out what the source of the problem actually is.

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