Show Folder Size Windows 7 – 2 Quick Methods

Show Folder Size Windows 7 – 2 Quick Methods as the basic building blocks of every operating system, whether they are on a smartphone, tablet or PC desktop. Windows 7 features a file explorer layout which makes it simple to navigate, however, it lacks the capacity to accurately display folder sizes anywhere in the UI

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It’s common for Windows to display an abnormal folder size. This is due to the files organized under it. Just like any operating system, Windows also believes in a file structure system based on hierarchy levels and sub-directories.

I understand the annoyance of not being able to easily see how much space you are using on a partition drive. I myself have had many moments when I’ve wanted to know the information,

but either an application was lacking in that ability or there simply wasn’t a problem big enough for me to worry about. The question ultimately is: How can we check folder sizes (without an application)?

Windows 7 Folder Size – Why do you need it?

If you’re having a small hard drive and want to free up as much space as possible, it’s important to become familiar with the many redundant files and folders on your computer or laptop.

You can check the file size immediately by right-clicking on a folder within Windows Explorer. At other times, however, you may not be able to do this in order to be able to view how much space is available within each folder on a system.

There are numerous tools that can provide graphical representations of the disk size on a computer if you run their respective tools. In this example Overdisk, DiskFerret, and Disk Space Fan I personally have used – they take time to analyze your hard drive and give statistical information.

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Here I provide two quick ways to view folder size within a very short time.

Method 1 – Folder Size Windows 7 [Manual Way]

Folder Size Windows

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Maximum file size: 64 MB (64,000,000 bytes) Total capacity: 2 GB (2,147,483,648 bytes or 2.13 GB What we would recommend is to create a backup online folder in your Web Space or a personal Dropbox / Google Drive account so that you have access to all of your files from any computer using the existing software on your machine or those available through the internet.

Method 2: Windows 7 show Folder Size

A third-party tool called Folder Size allows you to view folder sizes more clearly than in the previous tip. Before Windows 7, it was possible to see the size of folders just like file sizes at a quick glance thanks to “columns” in Windows Explorer columns that display folder sizes as your file sizes do.

This application works in earlier Windows OS.

But if you are using the latest OS like Windows 10 or 8.1, the display format varies a little.

OS like Windows 10 or 8.1

The above screenshot is in Windows 7 Professional 64 bit version. As you can observe from the above screenshot, having a screen where documents get saved alongside the main menu can make it easier to add more than one different document at a time and use them across several applications.


In Windows 10 or 8.1, a separate pop-up window opens with information on how much storage space the folder is taking up. This can be somewhat annoying at times as it covers up the main folder directory and obscures other details of the folder’s contents from view.

On the bright side, if you choose to make use of this “goodwill gesture” for choosing to learn about your hard drive’s space usage statistics, it only takes an extra click or two to see all of this valuable information in full view.

Disadvantages –

Despite their shortcomings, Flubaroo and Flubaroo Plus offer some awesome features that help a lot of students. Despite its shortfalls, the tool is immensely helpful for those who want to save up some extra time.

  • On the other hand, in Linux, all the disk space is available on a physical drive. This means that for your Linux file system you might be able to see the GBs that are not really there.
  • The Windows UAC model can be difficult to manage with some background services. This may take up time as the handle sizes have to be computed, as well as other problems that arise during scanning.
  • Windows 10’s Settings app frequently overlaps with settings in the Windows 10 Control Panel. This can make you re-size the settings windows to adjust your visibility of File Explorer details.

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A lot of people think that the Windows folder is too big. When they see a 32GB or even a 64GB, they’re horrified by what feels like an impossible volume to back up or manage. So today, we have some simple solutions for you that won’t break the bank and can be done in less than five minutes.