What is Windows Live Messenger used for

  1. You can start enjoying a new level of video chat with Windows Live Messenger that doesn’t just include audio in this latest update.
  2. Chatting with your friends can get you into trouble, especially when you tell them something and they don’t believe you.
  3. Traditional chat is provided through voice or video connections with MSN Messenger, but you can also interact with people through these channels.

How To Use MSN Messenger on Windows 10


What is Windows Live Messenger and do I need it?

what is Windows Live Messenger used for other chat platforms out there? You use Slack if you don’t want to use Facebook Messenger, or Twitter DMs to communicate with your contacts on other platforms.

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Is Microsoft Messenger the same as Facebook Messenger?

Microsoft has discontinued the Windows Live Messenger service, quite possibly one of our favourite IM services during its time. In addition to messaging clients that were made compatible with Yahoo! Messenger and Facebook Messenger, it was available on a variety of different hardware platforms and gathered quite the enthusiast community over the years.

What is Windows Live used for?

Microsoft’s integrated package of services and programs, Windows Live is the most popular–and comprehensive.

Windows Live is not only an online service offering connectivity to Windows Updates, Outlook Express Email, Messenger, and File storage, but it also boasts Office 2007 compatibility;

meaning you can work on your favourite Word Processor and access your favourite email program from the comfort of your home.

Does Windows Live Messenger still work?

MSN Messenger, also known as Windows Live Messenger, will be shut down completely by October 31st. Last year, Microsoft announced its decision to migrate users away from MSN Messenger and toward Skype.

How do I use Live Messenger?

People using Messenger can live stream when they’re broadcasting themselves in a chat room or on their profile for example. The film will play on the user’s timeline, page or group depending on the settingsz.